An Inside Edition report brings us the story of five-year-old Oliver Davis, an honorary Kansas motor cop who rides his electric police bike to nursing homes and hands out flowers to the residents.

“I wanna be nice,” says officer Davis about his philanthropic tendencies.

When officer Davis isn’t preoccupied with flower deliveries he can be seen fighting neighborhood villiany.

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By watching the video below you are voluntarily exposing yourself to dangerous amounts of cuteness.

  • Ducati Kid

    To all H-D afectados,
    Sad to read of any recall effecting America’s legendary Heavyweight leader.
    Let’s be clear, don’t care where specific product is manufactured be it Domestic or Foreign or who to blame if it’s titled Harley-Davidson – ‘BETTER be GOOD!’.
    H-D’S ‘Street’ Series of motorcycles represents an inexpensive product intended for physically small individuals with little or no past cycling experience.
    Suggested solution to all issues concerning this specific product?
    An American or Foreign market PREMIUM H-D ‘Street’ 750 motorcycle!
    A motorcycle (revised) with observable better appearance, brakes, suspension and tires mated to a high performance power plant.
    Simply, a better looking and performing H-D ‘Street’ 750 cycle for American roads emanating from Kansas City, U.S.A.!
    On May 11, 2015 just over 20% (169 of 750) of Kansa City H-D employees shall depart the premises due to seasonal layoffs.
    Last I knew Global motorcycle manufacturing and Sales was a YEARLY enterprise!
    Marketing – “ALL about intended products suitable for customer desires!”
    A desirable product?
    Presenting a Harley-Davidson ‘Screamin’ Eagle’ Street 750 Concept depicted below!
    Best of Luck for ‘Bar and Shield’ employees, retailers and supporters Globally!

    • Ken Cooley

      Really don’t follow your comments here and I tried to.
      It is sad that HD is laying folks off as I’m a Sportster rider (own a new 2015 Heritage and new yet to pick up 2014 Softail Slim as well, so I’m a fan of the brand.
      I also own a manufacturing company here in the “Good-Ole” U.S.A. and I know that things can get “left off” by accident. I do find it hard to believe that folks are going to deliberately leave them off. I think it was a goof and it should have been caught long before now. If they left them off from the start perhaps.
      One other thought is that the injection molding company that made that rear license bracket assembly left them off and no one did the QC on them once they got into the plant and on the line. Either way, they will make it right at the dealerships and all is fine.
      Fact is most folks rip those stupid reflectors off minutes after buying the bike anyway. I always did.

      • Ducati Kid

        Seriously, what would it cost Milwaukee to incorporate the Reflector mount into that License Plate Holder component for GLOBAL riders?

        Ken, near 9,000 ‘left off’ accidents, is no accident!

        Why would an observably illegal product, with parts missing, ever leave Kansas City in the first place?

        I’ll give you 98% the cost of a ‘Street’ as parts are missing!

        Imagine H-D owners of the $20,000+ costing models being recalled?

        Unacceptable, whatever the reason!

  • Diesel Driver

    This is all a surprise to me. I didn’t even know HD made a 750 and a 500. Sheesh. I get these emails all the time and not once did they mention them in the articles I’ve received till now. Did I get left out or didn’t they cover them? I’m short and would like a smaller bike. I’ll have to look into them.

  • orlando franco

    My son got the street 750 and I have taken it in twice already for the coolest reservoir been empty. They replace the reservoir and said all is good. But I checked it this weekend and I t is bone dry. Is it safeto drive like that or not. He is stationed in Killeen Texas and wants his bike but again to take it and have it break down on him.

  • Starmag

    Cute, sure, but wait until he gets some mace and notices some lane violations.

    • Born to Ride

      In fairness, that wasn’t a moto cop. We have to find other reasons to despise them.

      • Starmag

        Just some light cynical humor. I don’t blame all cops.

  • Old MOron

    May he always “wanna be nice”.

  • HazardtoMyself

    They need to hire that kid full time.

    Kid has some serious skills.

    What other officer who could use his bike to pit maneuver a jeep and still run down the suspect?