Does the type motorcycle you ride indicate the presidential candidate for whom you’re voting?

While we normally shy away from commingling motorcycles and politics, it was too much to resist when it came to light that a powersports industry exec made known he would never advertise on due to the political postings on a particular editor’s personal Facebook page. WTF? Gordon Gekko would never let politics get in the way of making a buck.

The prodding was enough to tickle our curiosity and present a completely anonymous, unscientific, and just-for-fun survey to laugh about when we post the results to the offending exec’s Facebook page. Thanks for your participation.

  • Campisi

    [Insert “what about Stein/Johnson/Kodos/Cthulhu” rant here.]

  • sod1102

    Love how even this site perpetuates the two party myth. Me? Naked/Johnson

    • Please do not post photos of your naked johnson…

      • Douglas

        Gabe, the best, and only rational comment/request on this thread.

        Now, let’s understand that any sane person who votes FOR either of these two unqualified individuals is really voting AGAINST the other. And it doesn’t matter which of them sits in the OO….they don’t call the tune anyway, merely sock puppets….but what a sorry face to put on the US as “leader” in either case.

  • Old MOron

    What? There’s MOronic goodness on facebook?
    Oh well, I’ve never been on social media, and I don’t intend to start now.

  • john burns

    wow that’s actually pretty interesting and not at all unexpected.

    • Jim

      I’d like to see how cruiser would break down between metric and American. Not enough cruiser people on this site to come to any conclusions, but I have my suspicions.

      • panthalassa

        I know all the baddest “Bikers for Trump” are on Moto Guzzi Californias.

  • john burns

    (you have to click on one to see the results)

  • Luke

    That’s some pretty cool polling plug-in you all are working with – slick. Curious to see how this pans out with a few days of responses.

  • Gary

    You do realize, don’t you, that you are trying to categorize a segment of the population that prides itself on rejecting categorization? Almost by definition. We have all decided that we don’t want to play nice. We make horrible sheep and will vigorously shrug off any wool you try to pull over our eyes. That said, I honestly don’t understand how any rational homo sapien could cast a vote for Trump. Seriously. And I ride a German touring bike.

    • webheadwilks

      How can any rational man vote for that lying criminal Clinton?

      • Gary

        Easy. Just grab the handle and pull. You’ve done it a million times.

        • Starmag
          • Ian Parkes

            Yeah because even they realise Trump is far too likely to try to slap the nuke button with his tiny hands the next time someone makes a personal remark about him. If we’re all going to die in a fiery hell, it should be for a good reason.

          • Martin Cattani

            Your mom bitten by a Zika carrying mosquito while pregnant with you? If Trump nukes anyone, then Trump won’t be able to charge them a kaskillion dollars to play with the USA, idiot.

      • Ian Parkes

        Good point – so the rational man turns away and votes for… Holy crap!

      • Treeman

        So very true!

      • Because I don’t care if Hillary planned Benghazi with a secret email server paid for by Goldman Sachs in the basement of a whorehouse run by Bill, I still will vote for Her and against Donald.

        • Martin Cattani

          Funny, you make no mention of her being a human slug of a lawyer who made a little 12 year old girl out to be a slut, all while getting the 44 year old pig who raped her off the hook… and then laughing about it all. Your conscience. Not mine.

          • Esther Jackson

            Martin, that rumor turned out to be false.

          • Wim Rawe

            Im sure you know that what you pay lawyers to do

          • Martin Cattani

            Don’t try to make me look stupid, William, by implying that a lawyer who was assigned the case, a lawyer who was assigned because the judge knew she took on clients who couldn’t afford a lawyer in the first place, was getting paid for her services… Because I’m sure you knew that about this case before you commented. Right? And if you knew that, and still tried to imply she got paid by the rapist- I mean, “client,” then it’s not me who’s stupid here.

      • Rob Alexander

        Yeah, I don’t see how any rational intelligent person can think Clinton is better than Trump either. Trump might not be the *perfect* candidate, but compared to Clinton there is virtually no dirt on him of any kind, versus Clinton who has scandal after incompetent failure after dead body lined up…. The Donald is a SAINT compared to Hillary. And according to pretty much everyone who’s ever worked in proximity to Hillary outside of public figures working to get her elected, she’s about the most horrible sea hag ever to have to deal with… The kind of person who will be a c-word to the waitress just because she can be. It’s hard to find anyone who’s worked around Trump that doesn’t say he’s a kind and generous person. Meanwhile the Clinton News Network has to resort to making up fake racism and sexism claims to attack Trump – claims that all anyone has to do is research only a little tiny bit deeper the CNN spin to find that they’re demonstrably false. SMH, people are disgustingly stupid and intellectually lazy.

        • Wim Rawe

          sure, I doubt he really raped his wife Ivana nor pulled out “handfuls ” of her hair, nor did he have all those mafia connections…that he pretty clearly had. wait till the FBI tries to vet him. Not that I’m endorsing Hillary but gees dude…

      • Wim Rawe

        how could anyone vote for that lying criminal trump?

    • Wim Rawe

      Hardley riders make horrible sheep?

  • With those two candidates “Preference” isn’t really the right word. How about “Regrettably Pragmatic Choice” ?

  • One suspects that MO — by presenting a catholic* array of bikes instead of focusing on American-made cruisers — skews less towards flag-wrapped God bless ‘Murica & Donald Trump types. But the question is, did anyone taking the poll click twice thinking, “When I’m on my gixxer, I’m a Hillary voter, but when I’m on my Heritage Softail, I’m for Trump.”

    And, of course, shouldn’t Jill Stein be an option for the handful of Electric riders?

    (*Sean, I used that small ‘c’ catholic just for you.)

    • Old MOron

      Sean is a grammar Nazi, too? I knew about DickRubble but not about Sean.

  • PS… That photo is a great opportunity to confirm or deny, once and for all, that whole ‘small hands’ thing.

    • Ian Parkes

      Nah, he’s holding them forward like you do with a fish. It’s already been proven in a bronze mould somewhere. They’re tiny.

  • spiff

    If these are my choices I am writing “SuperdukeGT/Ironbutt to Canada on my ballot”.

  • Starmag

    Let me guess, the editor in question is JB? Who’s every post on FB is about his man crush on Trumpo? Just come out of the closet and admit your love John. Hillary probably won’t have you “suicided”. Probably.

    I refuse to vote for any of those so I suppose I won’t get to see the results. Oh,well.

    My choice is roadster/

    Don’t laugh, my candidate is polling at 13% which is more than all candidates except Douchebag and Criminal. ( I’ll let you decide which is which ).

  • JMDonald

    The State always has been and always will be the enemy of the people. I am in the Streetfighter/JMDonald camp. The platform is based on America first, flat tax, term limits and a limited federal government relegated to it’s enumerated powers only. Tenth Amendment – Reserved Powers. The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.

  • Brian Clasby

    I am absolutely shocked that the readership of this fine online magazine skews toward sportbikes and standards . . . the rest, not so much . . .

  • Douglas

    This…..article (?) seems to be clickbait…..or comment bait. Pointless, thankavurramuch.

    • Ian Parkes

      I do love a bit of irony

  • Ian Parkes

    So only ‘cruiser’ riders favour Trump. Should the category be renamed? It seems to be contradictory. What about ‘passive aggressors’? Or for the loud and proud: ‘haters’? Or maybe the less controversial ‘tossers’? Referring of course to what bikes with no ground clearance do to their riders.

  • Ian Parkes

    So what bikes would the candidates ride? Clinton still too wedded to oil and American business to go electric,which anyway has controversial sustainability on the battery production side, so she’d avoid that just yet. If not a Honda Pacific Coast – MOR and looks like a car – but not really American enough, even if you meet the nicest people on Hondas, perhaps a Polaris of some description. A cruiser for Trump, to return the favour? Maybe, but from my perspective offshore I can’t see him on anything but a spotted clown bicycle with wonky wheels and a comedy flip-top hair do. Parp parp!

  • Craig Hoffman

    Wow. Gutsy story. You MOrons are crazy man. Since you started it, I’ll play.

    From a strictly motorcycle standpoint, seems to me that regardless of the type of bike one rides, they could not vote for Clinton. Hillary and her Sierra Club buddies are going to lay waste to the off road world, and she knows the AMA and motorcyclists in general tend to not be her constituency. Say what you will about Hillary, she will pander and serve her base and screw the rest.

    Since MC riding, and especially off road riding, are important to me, I guess that leaves me with Trump. The problem there is the guy is a nutjob and most likely to start WWIII, so in the final analysis, I am going with the Pot smoker Johnson. What an election year…

    • Starmag

      +1 for the graphic.

      I beg to differ about who’s more likely to start WWIII. The prevaricating Whore of Babylon is the darling of the chickenhawk warmonger neocons who advocated for the Iraq, Libya, Syria war crimes and others. Donald Duck wants to pull back NATO and make deals with Russia. That’s exactly why the neocons hate him and have turned their collective backs on the GOP to back Shilliary.

      • Ian Parkes

        Yes, isn’t it incredible that a group like that would shift allegiance? Nato, Russia, yes, but surely the clincher for such an unprecedented move was their point that their candidate was simply too flaky to be trusted with armies and nukes.

        • Starmag

          Wow, that was some sweet rationalizing there. I’m sure your conscious will let you slide with that. LOL.

          I’ve been to a lot of war protests and I’ve noticed a couple things:
          1. Republicans don’t protest wars
          2. Democrats only protest republican wars. They seem to not mind as long as their guy or gal is ordering the mass murder, as though it’s some kind of cult of personality or rooting for the home team. Witness:

          • Ian Parkes

            Good perspective. I quite agree. My comment doesn’t mean I’m any kind of fan of war so my conscience is untroubled. Nor does it imply I’m a fan of Clinton. The current iteration of the Democratic party is too right wing for me.

    • Ian Parkes

      Aren’t you over estimating Hillary’s ability and desire to screw all motorcyclists or, to put it another way, over-estimating the power of presidents? I may be wrong but I don’t think a president can summarily overturn existing statutes and rules and block off all national and state wilderness areas to bikes, even if he or she wanted to. There are a lot of other local, state and federal political posts you get to vote for, many of which would have much more say in the matter.

      • Craig Hoffman

        She can and she will close lots of Federal land to appease the Sierra Club via Executive Orders. An article on the topic. Presidents have a great deal of power in this area.

        • Ian Parkes

          Thanks for the link. After careful consideration I concluded the writer was either dim, confused or engaging in misinformation. He seemed to be claiming that land currently available for ‘fishing, recreation, conservation and energy production’ was being ‘closed’. It’s only the messy energy production bit that gets ruled out. Creating these national parks or ‘designating monuments’ actually appears to protect land for the enjoyment of everyone, which would be denied them if it was blasted, mined, drilled or turned into oil or gas installations. Seems like these measures protect thousands of hectares for multi-use recreation, rather than against it.

          • Craig Hoffman

            Depends who is wielding the Exec Order pen. Bottom line is, with no real oversight, presidents can create roadless wilderness monuments. Then nobody can enjoy them, unless they go in on foot.

    • Iron_Celt

      Amen, Craig. Johnson/Weld 2016. Voting of the lesser of two evils is still evil. Is a vote for someone who genuinely aligns with (mostly) my interests a wasted vote? I don’t think so. I’ll be able to look myself in the mirror on the day after election day, no matter who wins.

  • Lisa Glover

    The only thing I am sure of is that both parties have failed miserably in presenting acceptable choices. The DNC has had a leadership change. The RNC should have had one in 2012… they need one now.

    This election year happened because something is rotting in the system.

  • You show have gone for the real clear question: Ride a Harley? Voting for T-Rump?
    I would be willing to bet you anything that you would find a high correlation between Harley ownership and Trumpishness. Look at the Bikers 4 Trump at the Tangerine Terror’s rallies. I know the “Tea Party” vein of thought is dominant among that biker culture.

    [liberal BMW rider]

    • Jerry G

      Sadly you are 100% QuestionMark correct. Honda used to say “You meet the nicest people on a Honda” I am beginning to think you meet the biggest sheep on Harley’s, and I was born and raised around them and have ridden them for over 25 years. My dad still rides the same 1974 FLH he bought new. There also may be a correlation between Harley ownership and wanting to be in some sort of group with the word BIKER in it. I think they all bought into a marketing program. If they forget about the image and enjoy the ride they will get more out of it. By “IT” I mean riding and life in general. (Down from my Pulpit) With that said, one of the joys of riding is we don’t end up like those people who sit there and whine about politics. We don’t care, we have friends and the road. In the end motorcycle riders are the lucky ones. We enjoy life.

      (liberal Harley rider)

  • Aaron Brodsky


  • Keith Schiffner

    so what for the guy who’d rather an ex250/GL1000 or a dare I say a T-500 over any of the overly complicated crap bikes in the list?

  • Tom Roberts

    Unfortunately, since you didn’t also list “Independent” or “Any Other Party” I cannot participate in your survey.

  • Wim Rawe

    I think the important thing to remember is…trump isn’t going to win. He’s simply there to make sure people are in too much of a panic to vote third party or write in Sanders. You all do know that the Clintons and trump have been great friends for a long time.

  • This poll is a false dichotomy. There are more than 2 choices! It’s not simply a choice between Democrat vs. Republican, which are merely 2 sides of the same coin.

    I’m voting Johnson/Weld, the ONLY sane choice.

  • uncle