So far this year there’s been two big motorcycle shows: Intermot in Germany, and AIMExpo in Orlando. During those two shows, major manufacturers introduced no less than 22 brand new or heavily revised models for 2017. Include some of the lesser known OEMs, such as Benelli, SSR, and National Moto & Cycle we reported on from AIMExpo, and the list grows larger. There’s more to come next month at EICMA, but for now, we’re curious to know which of the following models pushes your buttons; floats your boat; tickles your fancy… Just vote for one.

  • john phyyt

    So many great bikes. fit into niches. Too old – Don’t need sports bikes ride position.
    Strike 5 out. . BMW KTM. Price strike 3 out.. Honda CB is pretty but proabaly too heavy . Leaves the Z650. And it won’t make me run to dealership. ..

    • Tanner

      the engine on the FZ-09 is like crack cocaine. very good, very addictive. yeah, for 2017 it is fugly now, but man, that engine…

      • Born to Ride

        …. belongs in a better bike.

    • Douglas

      Too heavy for what? Don’t think it’s a racer or for street fighting…..

  • Gabriel Owens

    Love the honda

  • ColombianJoker

    Hypermotard 939 SP

  • Randy Darino

    you left out re done FZ-09

    • Wesley M.

      And the new z1000sx or ninja 1000

  • Goose

    Is there a way to see the votes without voting? None of these bikes do anything for me but i am curious what others think.

    • Ozzy Mick

      Looks like you HAVE to vote. What the heck – just click on one and you’ll see the votes for all the bikes.
      But as I type this, the Honda CB1100 RS and the Ducati 937 Supersport are level pegging at 16%. Next on 13% is the Honda CBR1000RR SP.

      • Goose

        Sorry, in my opinion the entire motorcycle industry is in a huge state of denial and I’m not going to support that by voting for yet another retread of a bike I’ve seen 100 times before. I have to wonder if the biggest threat to motorcycle isn’t legislation/ self driving cars but having its focus pointed directly at the past. We boomers are getting old and will “age out” of motorcycling over the next decade or two, motorcycling seems to be headed to history’s grave yard.

        • Ozzy Mick

          Age out of motorcycling? Never! Come on Goose, us boomers have to think positive! Check this site out:
          Kinda gives me some hope that we can go back to the fututre, mate a small electric motor to a self driving bike and PRESTO! we keep on rolling. The hard part will be getting on and off 🙂

          • Goose

            First, major points for a positive take. Second, I don’t need the web site, I have two electric bikes, a two wheeler and a recumbent “tadpole” trike. BTW, I’m a big MO fan and don’t want to plug a print mag but there is an article in one this month that does a great job of saying what you said in a great way. Let’s say I’m “leaning” toward thinking in a more positive way.

  • Wesley M.

    1)Kawasaki Z1000sx (ninja 1000)
    3)Suzuki V strom 650 & 1000

  • not-a-fanboi-honest

    KTM 1290 SA S for me which is not in the list …

  • Ozzy Mick

    “Excites” me? Probably the Ducati. Will I buy one and ride it? Nope.
    If I can afford any of them, it will probably be the Honda CB1100 RS, but I haven’t even seen a real live one, let alone ridden one.
    I guess I’m questioning the value of these polls…

    • DickRuble

      Value = (Number of clicks * advertisers/page)*discounted vallue (Marketing Department Costs/Advertising Client Meetings) – cost of providing refreshments at sales meeting.

    • SerSamsquamsh

      Same here. I’ll be pretty amazed if I see Honda moving tons of new cb1100s. Happy though!

  • Tanner

    The KTM Adventure 800 that will be announced at EICMA in nov.

    • DickRuble

      You’re sure about that? No vaporware? Cross your heart?

    • Kevin Duke

      Don’t bet the farm on it…

  • Andre Capitao Melo

    Surprised seeing the Z650 as high as it is.

  • Kyle

    Gasp! No updated 2017 Tuono/RSV4? The updates to the Tuono were most exciting to me of all the news yet. But the GSXR1000R was second place, I suppose.

  • Vrooom

    I presumed money was not an object, but still didn’t pick the most expensive bike, or even top 3 as far as $ go. I’m too tall and old to ride a dedicated sport bike, that only left a few choices.

    • Gruf Rude

      I’m too old and small (5’6″, 160) for all of the dedicated tourers, ADVs, and most of the other bloated modern offerings, so I’m attracted to the Ducati and most anything that is smaller and lighter.

  • JMDonald

    It was a surprise that the CB1100RS has the most votes so far. It was my choice. I really like that bike but need to see the RWS.

  • patrick Callahan

    Of this sampling, i chose the CBR 1000RR SP. Because, it was indeed long overdue for a serious update. They lowered the weight to that of most 600’s, added about 10hp, a whole electronics package, Ohlins/ Brembo, what’s not to like???
    It may not be the best or the fastest in the category, however, it is a definite improvement over the previous model, and the non SP version makes for one of the best street super bikes available based on blogger feedback.
    My current ride: 2013 Honda CB1000R