As Bob Dylan wrote, the times, they are a’changing. All you need to do is take a look at our latest superbike shootout to see that technology is playing an ever-increasing role in how we ride motorcycles. What about simpler things, like instruments? Well, superbike instrumentation has been changing, too. Of our seven superbike contestants, only one has an old-school, swept needle tachometer. The remaining six count on some kind of bar graph. Three of the bikes have LCD screens delivering at least some of their information while the remaining four utilize color on TFT screens. So, we thought we’d ask our loyal *MO*rons what they thought about the instruments. Vote for all the instruments you like, and we’ll figure out which is the best.

2017 Superbike Street Shootout

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  • DickRuble

    If it’s got no barometer, no hygrometer, no altimeter, it’s worth naught.

  • Matt O

    is a real tach to much to ask?

  • azicat

    Hi MO – I understand that you have to do whatever you can to maintain reader engagement in these times of attention deficit and uncertain post-truths, but it has sure been difficult sifting out the traditional editorial content from the Buzzfeed-esque polls and social media reposts this last fortnight.

    Love and kisses,

  • Sentinel

    Analog tachometer only for me! The rest can be digital, but do not take away my natural, beautiful, god intended circular gauge with sweeping needle please!

    • Kevin Duke

      I’ve said the same thing for decades. Now, with good TFT screens and impossible-to-ignore shift lights that can be programmed to illuminate at any rpm you choose, my calculus has changed. Even the BMW has a shift light with its analog tach, and I assure you that your eyes will pay more attention to that at 150 mph than they will on the actual tach.

      • Old MOron

        The clocks should be functional, but they should also be things of beauty.


    The color tft screen on the new Street Triple RS is the best screen out there on any bike.

    • ColoradoS14

      I have seen some YouTube stuff of this dash and it does look great!

  • Starmag
    • blansky


      • Dave Brumley

        The turn-sig indicators need to be higher up; more in your viewing area, so you won’t leave a winker winking.

  • Jon Jones

    Digital speedos are the best. So easy to read at a glance. I’m reminded of this every time I ride my CBR1100XX.

  • ChiefPockets

    My biggest concern isn’t type of tachometer, number of features, or relative sizes of information… it’s whether the screen can be seen on sunny days. Every color screen equipped motorcycle I’ve ridden has at some point had the screen partially, or even fully (Multistrada), obscured by sunlight. I can excuse this if the screen only shows secondary information, but being unable to see my speedometer is something I can’t abide.

  • ColoradoS14

    I wish someone would do an analog tach with color TFT combo, I think that could be the best middle ground. Something like that BMW dash but with color TFT.

  • Gruf Rude

    All my bikes are too old to sport anything but analog. (Of course, I’m so old that suits me just fine.)

  • Bill Hawley

    I’d go with analog dials and sequential shift light approaching max RPM. Much easier to interpret a dial position as “normal” or “abnormal” at a glance than to interpret a number.