• MikeinDenver

    In CA the state minimums are nowhere near that high. They are 15/30/5. Please check your source.

  • highlightt

    It is interesting that you mentioned crash on trackdays can sometimes be covered. I contacted liberty mutual couple months back to get an idea and they outright refused any coverage for accidents occurred in a closed circuit. Maybe some other companies do cover if it is under “training” category type of track days.

    • MikeinDenver

      It all depends on the language in the contract. You have to read it very carefully to see what exactly they exclude. Some policies specify timed event, race etc but never specifically mention track. In which case if they denied it you could fight it and have a very good chance of winning. I no longer have liberty for different reasons or I would look up the contract wording. A track is technically private property and so you could be doing anything on said private property including riding fast and crashing.

  • Kirk Harrington

    Information is king. Do not fully rely on the a multi-line insurance agent to fully understand all the products they sell. Do not be afraid of using a specialist in a particular market. Bundling with a company may save you time but it will not likely save you as much money at that bundling agent claims. Purchase liability limits equal to your passenger vehicle. Make sure that is high enough by understanding your personal assets and protect yourself from insurance lawsuits that could force you to sell those assents because your weren’t smart enough to have higher liability coverages. Keep the Comprehensive and Un/Under-insured motorist coverage deduclibles low and the collision higher if you can afford the out of pocket expense in the event of an accident. If you are financing ANYTHING and you are in a loan term of more than 36 months then BUY THE GAP COVERAGE if offered. It will save your bacon every time. There’s why more to know. look at MO’s insurance archives and discover what you never hear from your agent. I know some things- just sayin.

    • Kevin Duke

      Fantastic to have your comments on this subject you know so well, Kirk! Thanks for weighing in and for staying a regular MO reader! All the best to ya!

      • Kirk Harrington

        I may not comment as often as I used to but in the forums but I’m on the site very often reading content. BTW- I moved from Metro ATL to N. Seattle. Working as a service writer these days. Ever get up here hit me up. Contact hasn’t changed. Best wishes, Sir!

  • Douglas

    Being an ol’ phardt is advantageous here….for 2 twin cam H-D’s, a Vulcan Nomad and a 600 scooter, I pay $316 a year. I don’t get citations or get into wrecks, which helps, I guess. Check into the multi-vehicle discounts with your carrier….each time I’ve added a bike, the premium goes down. Makes no sense to me, but the actuaries have their formulas…..who am I to argue?

    P.S…..should mention I carry only minimum liability because none of my scoots are new.

  • What i’d like to know is why my insurance premiums are schizophrenic. I don’t have accidents, I don’t have tickets and for the last 4-5 years it’s been up and down year to year. FWIW, I have progressive. Funny thing is that when they tried to get me to put the house on the plan, it was double of what we pay now. No savings there.