We hear from customizers and parts manufacturers fairly frequently, but occasionally one catches our eye. That’s exactly what happened when we learned of Jack Lomaxx Handcrafted Customs. While this “one and a half-man company with a tiny budget” says it will customize and develop parts for any brand of motorcycle, designer Karsten Henkel has created an intriguing selection of custom V-Rods that we thought we’d share with our readers. In addition to the customs, Jack Lomaxx-branded parts are also available for V-Rods and Victorys plus a selection of universal-mount accessories.

Jack Lomaxx Customs

Visit the Jack Lomaxx website to learn more.

  • The front fender and number plate are abominations in the eyes Zeus!

    • Mahatma

      What is the radiator then?How can one make the Vrod look worse?! That made me laugh

      • toomanycrayons

        The grey one looks pretty dorky, true, but I like this white one. If only I could get someone to polish it for me. At least they took care of the Edsel Redux rad cowl:


        What is it with buying a bike you don’t like so much you have to spend money to change it? I’ve ridden two. At parking lot speed it’s like a wheel barrow filled with cement. In a straight line at speed, for a while at least, I don’t see why anything needs to be changed. Assuming, of course, we don’t ride just to be looked at, or have a detailing fetish?

        • Michael Mccormick

          I often spend money on modifications I can do myself on most bikes I like. Mostly gearing, suspension, and sometimes exhaust to make them more to what I like. Also big bore kits in the 70’s when it was affordable and cheaper than selling my CB750 and buying a new Z-1. Tinkering makes it more your special bike

        • Mahatma

          I agree being superficial.Looks of a bike matters to me somewhat in buying one.I probably wouldn’t buy the greatest bike in the world if it looks like a modern art masterpiece-to borrow from a well know movie;) I just don’t get why it’s a problem not including some heinous design like that radiator on the grey one.Granted the white one was betterBut it does not help,me finding the vrod not particularly beautiful in the first place.

          Just my opinion.

  • Michael Mccormick

    Don’t understand why anyone would pay for this kind of customization, the again I don’t buy designer jeans either so I’m out of touch

  • DickRuble

    Perfect custom bike for Jeff Shitmaxx.