A couple biker elves took to the streets spreading holiday cheer by handing out candy canes, popping some wheelies, and helping out a poor cager with engine problems.

  • Goose

    Wow, it isn’t often you can be so unsure what to make of a simple article. SCRAMP has done a horrible job of managing Laguna, I stopped going years ago even though it is about 2 hours from my house. I’ve waited over 2 hours just to get out of a parking spot because the SCRAMP folks didn’t feel the need to manage traffic in even the most basic way. Zero supervision so people (many of whom I’ll speculate were drunk) were driving around like it was scene from Mad Max. One of very few times I’ve been happier in a car than on a bike.

    OTOH, anything related to NASCAR is scary. I don’t know how they could make that great track boring but I wouldn’t put it past them. Maybe they will “take out them tight corners so a stocker can run faster” or something like that.

    Maybe they could get the people behind COTA or the folks about to loose their jobs at Miller to run the place? Going to first Miller then COTA showed me how poorly SCAMP was doing their job at Laguna. It seems seeing a race don’t have to be a dirty, frustrating experience filled with hours of boredom while trying to get in or out of the track. Who knew?

  • 12er

    I assume fox hill camping will be a thing of the past and the great service for tickets since I dont have to call ticketmaster currently.

    Goose, sounds like you attended one of the first two years of Moto GP. After that from what Ive heard the traffic issue wasnt an issue any longer (only first year was a nightmare on bikes, granted I ride in and have only attended Moto events). For World Superbike its not an issue at all since only about 15 of us show up for the race it seams. My buddy camps his RV elsewhere and drives is tow car in without complaint, for WSB.

    I hope for the best but we’ll see, the nimby’s are doing anything and everything to eliminate the track completely. They had been reduced to only 5 major events per year for a while now.

  • CookedDragon

    I was really disappointed when I read the first article. I’m really very curious what is going on in the minds of Monterey Parks. Having recently done a very in depth Senior graduation project on SCRAMP, including exclusive interviews with executive members of SCRAMP and knowledge I’ve gotten from other employees of the track who are personal friends, I feel I have an above average knowledge of how the track operates.

    SCRAMP is not the problem here. The County Parks Department deserves 95% of the blame. It’s the Parks Dept to blame (partially) for MotoGP leaving, and the Parks Dept is to blame for how incredibly difficult and non-supportive they have been of the track.

    Unless the Parks Dept plans to change their stranglehold on the track, ISC is going to run into the exact same problems that SCRAMP faces. For instance, the concession agreement between the County and SCRAMP has gone unchanged since the 80s, even though it is evaluated every couple years. This means no permanent buildings are allowed to be built, no money goes to modernization, and every small change must go through the board, which could care less about the success or failure of the track as it’s seen as a blight on the county.

    • John A. Stockman

      Good post, thanks for your insight and knowledge about this. I went to the first MotoGP event, rode down from Washington state on my KZ440. Getting in and out of the track was tedious, parking for bikes was pretty good. Considering how anything related to nascar seems to take over with their own special interests, not one motorcycle racing enthusiast I know wants this unless it means keeping the layout intact and not turning it into something that nascar will love. Yeah, nascar is accepted, but motorcycle racing gets marginalized and denigrated at every turn compared to 4-wheel racing. Anyone who’s been around it for as long as I have, a lifetime’s worth, knows why this is. Yet racing a motorcycle at the top levels requires another level of physical and mental athletic talent; such a high level the usual suspects of auto racing and ball sports fans completely ignore and put down as decidedly non-athletic. Look what the nascar people did to our own American motorcycle road racing series. Their arrogance and mismanagement ran it into the ground, turning it into one of the least-relevant series of it’s type in the world. A total laughing stock to the rest of the 2-wheel racing world. Laguna seems to be “made” for motorcycles, with the elevation changes and tight corners like the Corkscrew. Just about any county agency/officials doesn’t want motorcycle racing. Look at all the tracks and riding/racing opportunities that have been shut down or turned into some sort of development that has nothing to do with racing. Nascar will will stomp that track into their idea of racing, if they gain control of it completely. Which means no more Corkscrew and an oval. Sure, you’ll get proper facilities and pit garages, more restrooms and concessions, more grandstands/seating and better parking and access. And the character of the track will be lost.

      • CookedDragon

        I’m still waiting for the minutes from the meeting ISC had with the County to really reflect on what their intentions are how things might possibly change. But I would not expect a layout change to happen, at least to any major degree. Unlike current, modern tracks, Laguna Seca was not designed by an engineer or computer. The course is dictated by the landscape and there isn’t a lot of room for any reinterpretation either. Not to mention the corkscrew being internationally recognized and for many the only reason they come to the track.

        Again, it comes down to what revolutionary new deal ISC might be able to get from the Parks Dept, but as of now expansion is the last thing on their mind.