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Mannish Woman

Has Yamaha ever built a V-twin sportbike? Pretty sure the answer is “no.” Which may or may not be a shame. When the first Virago got here in 1982 it was also the first Japanese V-twin, a standard like all bikes were then, and the Harley crowd was incensed. Blasphemers! Atrociteurs! But they got over it, and the poor Virago descended into the gold-chain excesses of the disco cruiser era. But you have to admit this 750 Virago, stripped of all its cruiser accouterments and with its early Mono-cross inspired rear suspension and shaft drive on display, is an interesting proposition for a cheap urban runabout. I stumbled upon this one, built by Tomas Vom Hinterhof in Deutschland, here. Somebody tell me why this is a bad idea before I start looking for a cheap Virago?

Cool vid here.