Stay in your own lane!

Lesson #1 was, Wear Protective Gear. We hope these kids didn’t suffer too much for their art. Some people have to learn things the hard way.

  • John B.

    Seriously, how much do you have to write in a week? So much for the internet making work easier.

    • Gruf Rude

      Clip really speaks for itself, very little writing necessary here.

      • Rocky Stonepebble

        Well, one could write about the influence of romantic poetry in the Elizabethan era, but it should have nothing to do with the two eejits shown going boom.

        Just saying.

        • John A. Smith

          Why do you always have to start with the Edmund Spenser nonsense? Geez.

          • Rocky Stonepebble

            The. Post. Of. The.Year!

          • john burns

            MO: the only motorcycle site read by English majors

          • Old MOron

            Just your garden variety MOrons.

          • toomanycrayons

            How about some Liz Browning?

            “I love thee to the depth and breadth and height my soul can reach.” ~Elizabeth Barrett Browning

            Like her love, my riding skills can/may vary in inverse proportion to the difficulty of the task, as well. Come to think of it, pretty much everything else does, too. Whoa, is there anything Elizabethan poets didn’t know?

          • Rocky Stonepebble

            Multivariable calculus. That, and the best restaurant in Montreal.

          • toomanycrayons
          • Rocky Stonepebble

            LOL! That is funny. Are you a fellow hoser? Also, does my original post about romantic poetry show up for you? On my laptop, it is shown as under moderation.

          • toomanycrayons

            I’m in Canada today courtesy of Opera VPN. I’m seeing “Show comment” in blue. Am I really in Canada? Breitbart bans me whenever I post from “there.” More info is [redacted] to defeat the indifferently-motivated ghouls at Breitbart. They know who they are…

          • Rocky Stonepebble

            Well, the post was fine for two days, then it was under moderation. Odd. Also, many of my posts have been marked as spam. Was hoping a mod should whitelist me. Rather irksome. As for my world travels, Browsec has me registered with the BBC at a Romford address.

          • Rocky Stonepebble

            Oh, and the deleted words are ee​jits shown going bo​om (ee​jits is Scottish. I’m Scottish).

          • toomanycrayons

            OK, maybe it’s the “Just saying.”

            Americans hates online pretension, Scottish, in particular. Try resubmitting with: Just say’n.

          • Rocky Stonepebble

            Well, I live in Canada! LOL

            And, to show the two words you suspected of being triggers, I used an old html formatting trick. That is the funny thing; I could use flowery language until the cows come home, and still defeat the bots, but I do not.

          • Walkeride

            The moderators probably had to look up Elizabethan

      • John B.

        You are right.

    • john burns
      • John B.

        Volumes could be written on the issues that article raises.

        In some ways, we tail-end baby boomers are especially exposed to working too many hours compared to millennials. Just as we were trained to finish all the food on our plate (due to kids starving in Africa), we were also taught never to say no to more work lest we become known as lazy, or a slacker. I manage several millennials (and sired three), and I am amazed at how their values differ from my own. Not worse values, just different. They are good people.

        When we have a hard deadline to meet at my firm that will require several late nights, I recruit lawyers in their fifties first. They can’t say “No” without hearing the word “Loser” in their head. Also, on average, lawyers (journalists etc.) in their fifties are much more skilled than their millennial counterparts and require less sleep. Decades of long hours and hard work tends to sharpen the sword. That’s what I tell myself anyway. That said, millennials are much more community oriented, and can really make tracks on a kayak.

        I do not enjoy managing marginal and bad employees (who does?). As such, if an outside vendor can do 70% of a job with our employees picking up the other 20% of the slack, I often use the outside vendor. Vendor’s are much easier to fire when they do not perform well, and they can’t file for unemployment compensation.

        Like many people and businesses, I went through a major recession in 2008-2009, and had to learn to live with less. A funny thing happened. I realized I didn’t need so many things I bought to sooth myself when I was working weekends, nights, and holidays to become “Successful.” I suspect others had a similar realization, which is bad for business.

        In sum, our values cause us to suffer. The challenge is to figure out what is worth suffering for (excuse the preposition at the end of this sentence… I’m lazy on weekends these days).

  • TC

    Perfectly choreographed stunt! Love the flip the second rider does. I bet this team has practiced this hundreds of times to get the timing down.

  • Shortie D.

    Great shoe flip………

  • Patriot159

    When you’re learning to stunt… make sure you don’t wear protective gear since you’ll never fall down. Idiots.

  • Douglas


  • Walkeride

    Youth……….wasted on the young.