We recently stumbled across this surprisingly engaging video shot by Atlanta, Georgia-based actor Jayson Warner Smith. It chronicles a trip he took on his Triumph Bonneville to coincide with his 50th birthday that began as a two-week jaunt but transformed into a five-week odyssey.

Smith, who you might’ve seen in 2012’s Coma, 2011’s Footloose or the AMC/Sundance series Rectify, does a stellar job at capturing the spirit of a road journey on two wheels. His work becomes even more admirable when you realize that it was shot almost entirely on an iPhone 5s.

”I figured I could only watch it for a minute before getting bored and switching-off, but that wasn’t the case,” says Editorial Director Sean Alexander about the meandering 40-minute film. “Its rhythm nicely echoes my own recollections of cross-country road trips. It’s great escapism for those of us stuck behind a keyboard.”

  • notfishing

    Flying I did a long time ago, after I learned to ride.
    Banking a plane feels much the same as turning a bike.
    Pulling a plane up from a dive somewhat like braking a bike
    And the take-off in a plane is just like the take-off on a bike.

    Maybe that why so many pilots owned motorcycles and started motorcycle companies.

    • Jayson Smith

      I’ve been learning to fly for real now. Very similar indeed.

  • JMDonald

    Nothing like a good travelogue. Everyone needs an adventure or two or three.

    • Jayson Smith

      Thanks for watching.

      • JMDGT

        Watched it again this AM. Two loner trips planned this year. Some of the places you’ve been to. Turning sixty. You have to do this stuff when you can.

  • kurtjens

    Great video. Thanks.

    • Jayson Smith

      My pleasure.

  • vastickel@gmail.com

    Thanks for the ride! Nothing like cross country travel to expand the mind. Had to chuckle abit when I saw the Greybull sign. We stopped, many years ago, to replace our denim jackets at a local store there in Greybull. We were assisted by a nice enough older lady who smiled sweetly as she told us”we like to see you come, but then-we like to see you GO”! Nothing we took personally, but we found the sentiment amusing. Glad you caught the museum in Cody. We stopped for an hour and managed to stay till closing time.

    • Jayson Smith

      Only stopped for a beer. Nice little town.

  • Goose

    That was way better than I thought it would be. Really worth the 40 minutes.

    I’m planing a much shorter trip myself in 8 weeks, even hitting some of the same spots in southern Utah. Thanks for the reminder of how good an MC trip can be and for getting me excited about the trip.

    The only bad thing is he’s got me thinking about taking the much more elemental XR1200 instead of my Roadglide. HUUMMM….

    • Jayson Smith

      So, how was your trip?

      • Goose

        I took the ‘glide. The trip was really good. Lots of mind bending sights. The top was pulling into Monument Valley maybe 20 minutes before sunset. Just stunning. I (not a great photographer) even managed to get a couple of good shots.

  • Friends, don’t just watch this and say “How lovely.” Get out there and do it. Go. Do. See America. I choose two wheels but you can choose four. Just go.

    • Jayson Smith

      I appreciate it!!

  • vtwinsrbest

    If this doesn’t trigger wanderlust deep inside your bones then check your pulse. Nicely done.