Yeah, we know this is, but sometimes when cool, outlandish vehicles come across our radar screens we just have to share. You might remember the Lazareth Wazuma name if you’ve been reading these pages for a long time. Back in 2013 Lazareth revealed the Wazuma V8, powered by none other than a 3.0-liter Ferrari V8.

Well, the company is back at it again with this, the E-Wazuma, which was shared with us from the folks at our sister site, In case you couldn’t guess, this Wazuma quad is powered via electricity instead of gasoline. Designed in conjunction with NTN-SNR, a European bearing manufacturer for numerous automotive applications, the E-Wazuma’s two rear wheels are fitted with hub-mounted motors generating a total of 80 hp.

Before you go writing off the E-Wazuma and its 80 horses as a joke, consider this: It also puts out 361 lb-ft of torque. So good luck hanging on to the thing. French company Lazareth say the E-Wazuma is just a one-off for now, but can easily build a road-legal version. Other details, including price, are scant at the moment, but if you speak French you can visit the Lazareth website for a video with slightly more info.

  • spiff

    Cool. If they were legal on US roads I would ride one. I cut my teeth on quads when I was a kid.

  • TheMarvelous1310

    HOW IS THIS NOT A MOTORCYCLE? A car is a motorcycle. So is a truck. If it has a motor that powers the wheels, guess what? MOTORCYCLE! If there’s no seatbelt or pedals, you really shouldn’t be so discriminatory.

    • TroySiahaan

      Whoa, easy there buddy. No need to yell.

  • Starmag

    The sound of dentist drills make me nervous and even though this has torque out the wazuma, I’d take the Ferrari for the sound alone if I some how wanted the lack of leaning of a motorcycle mixed with the lack of weather protection of a car.