Frenchman Francois Gissy made this record run over three years ago at Circuit Paul Ricard, but it only came to my attention yesterday. Unsure what kind of bicycle wheels don’t fly apart at 207 mph (333 kph), a speed Gissy attained after using up only about 750 meters of the Mistral Straight thanks to hydrogen peroxide boost, but everything did indeed remain intact. The Ferrari running alongside the bicycle, okay starting out alongside it, puts that speed into perspective.

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  • B.Hoop

    At :40s, when he leans down and looks into the camera, you are getting an up close and personal view of a lunatic…

  • spiff

    Has pedels. It’s a moped! Lol

    • Born to Ride

      Better change that to pedals before Ruble comes and poo poos on your post!

      • spiff

        Ha, he yelled at me for that last time. I ain’t afraid, heck I don’t even care about phonics .

  • Rocky Stonepebble

    That’s me going to work on a Friday.

    • spiff

      You mean on your way home.

      • Rocky Stonepebble

        No. Like to rush in, to get the day over with. Then cruise home.

  • Alaskan18724

    In answer to your question, technically, yes. Where I’m from, anyway, devices providing thrust of this sort are properly called motors, and two wheels, fore and aft, generally comprise a cycle.

    Beyond that, a couple of mindless observations: First, this must have been an experience involving both religion and excretion. Second, there can be no happier moment in a crazy man’s life than the instant his rocket-powered cycle finally runs out of propellant.