We’ll start off by saying that what the car driver does is wrong, and according to news reports, she is, as a result of her road rage, being charged with 16 charges, including Aggravated Assault, Littering, Endangering the Welfare of a Child (her child was in the car) and Reckless Driving. Hopefully, she’ll learn her lesson courtesy of the court system.

Nice Work, Bro

However, as motorcyclists, we need to consider what the rider did to aggravate the situation. First, this rolling incident took place over three miles, long enough for the people in the following car to decide to record the conflict. Second, the rider appears to be deliberately riding slowly and accelerating ahead of the car when she tries to pass. According to her statements, he also brake checked her several times. Do we really need to discuss the folly of brake checking a car with a motorcycle?

Finally, we need to consider what the rider should have done. Pulling over and letting the crazy woman pass would have instantly ended the confrontation. Instead, by throwing gasoline on the fire, he ended up being hit by her car at a stop light. He is extremely lucky that only his motorcycle was damaged, given how unstable the behavior of the woman in the car appears.

Remember, we are much more vulnerable than the occupants of cars. Do your best to de-escalate before the red mist takes over.

Watch the full video below.


    There really are stupid idiots in the world.

  • JerryMander

    Yeah fuck that guy. I hope his insurance doesn’t pay.

    • Walkeride

      Wasa matter Jerry did a big bad Motorcyclist molest you or sumpin..

      • RMP52

        Well I hate to say it, but I see his point. I cringe when is I see some (usually) large bellied fellow on (usually) a Harley, go out of his way to piss off other drivers and well, everybody he meets. It’s hard to counteract the damage these lowliifes do to all us who ride. Unfortunately we are all painted with the same brush.

        • Barry Mihychuk

          RM – I have to agree with you. I’ve been riding for over 3 decades but there seems to be this demographic of riders that fit the bill: fat-ass wannabe tough guy riding an HD with stupidly loud pipes with the “Look at Me!” asshole attitude, puttering along at a ‘stately’ pace – and then guns in it to make as much noise as possible. Phuck’em – I wish they had run over his bike as well!

          • TheMarvelous1310

            How can you wish something like this about another biker? That’s messed up.

          • Tinwoods

            First, we’re not all “bikers,” which is a term, as used here in the states, reserved for fat f*ck wannabes on Harleys–a thankfully, shrinking segment of the riding population. And the previous commenters are correct: jerks like this make us all look bad.

          • TheMarvelous1310

            Other people’s actions don’t justify you being shitty, sir. Control yourself.

          • 19pacman59

            I agree with your comments to the exception of that part ” I wish they had run over his bike as well!”

  • Sentinel

    Fat-ass numb-scull with no reason to wear a helmet…

    • Luiz Carlos Laba

      Harley rider….what do you expect! LOL

      • sandi

        What a ridiculous, bigoted comment, Luiz.

        • Luiz Carlos Laba

          So I am wrong! …
          I am sorry.

          • sandi

            I thank you for the apology, Luiz. I suspect every reader who has been lumped into a particular category and dissed because they ride a particular make or style of bike appreciates your apology too.

          • Tinwoods

            Well, I’m not apologizing because I’ve been a daily rider in the mecca of US motorcycling (Los Angeles), and this guy’s look, ride, and matching bloated attitude is something I see EVERY SINGLE DAY.

        • Rick Bailey

          Bigot too be intolerant to another’s opinion. Didn’t know a choice of ride was an opinion, but slamming one for their observation and expressing it is Bigotted. Just saying lol.

        • Tinwoods

          And yet correct.

      • WalterFeldman

        Geez Luiz…

  • Mahatma

    Thanks to such idiots I make it laughing through the day 🙂


    Edit:He should have received a good thrashin’ for such dickish behaviour!

  • allworld

    We all need to share the road. The car driver definitely used her vehicle as weapon and hopefully she will pay a hefty price. I certainly can’t condone the riders behavior, and he is lucky on many levels, most of which he didn’t get seriously hurt, and there is a recording of the incident.

    • Jay F

      Tech she never touched him. The bike fell because he tried turning that massive monotonicity too sharply and isn’t skilled enough to do low speed manoeuvres.
      Remember when people were saying Harley’s were only good for driving in a straight line? Well this guy couldn’t even seem to get that right.

      • Strat

        Disagree 100%. It’s obvious to me that she clipped the back of his bike with the passenger side front of her car.and knocked it over. That’s what happens when you try to get as close as possible so you can throw coffee at someone. Yeah, he turns around, but the car knocks the bike over. If he would’ve just dropped it on his own, it wouldn’t be laying across the lane. She turned it when she hit it. She was in a single lane, no passing zone, trying to pass. She screws up so many times here it’s ridiculous. When you’re in that situation and you’re stuck behind someone that isn’t driving as fast as you would like them too, you just wait until the road opens up where you can legally pass. Fat and stupid? Maybe. They tend to go hand and hand. I don’t care what kind of bike he’s riding, she’s a world class idiot.

    • Harold O’Brien

      “,, car driver definitely used her vehicle as weapon ..” Not even close. There is NO WAY you can deduce that from the video. Looks like at most she tapped him while trying to go around. I will wager she’ll say she never touched him and that video IS NOT conclusive evidence to the contrary. I’m not saying the car drive is totally innocent here but that imbecile weaving in front of her like that did more than his share to escalate this situation. Like the guy on the Harley a few weeks ago that kicked that car, setting off a chain of events that got somebody, that had nothing to do with anything, rolling over his truck. And, I’m a Harley rider and have been riding for 40 years.

      • You can see through the automobile’s glass that it strikes the motorcycle when she attempts to maneuver the automobile around to the left. The fact that it doesn’t show the actual impact is immaterial. Cause and effect are a thing.

  • Tennisfreak

    Typical Harley rider 🙂

    • Paragon Lost

      Foolish comment. I’ve seen all types of bike riders pull aggressive and stupid shit. Sports bikes, cruisers, adventure bikes, doesn’t matter.

    • john phyyt

      Four videos of Harleys in recent times. And all had a major contribution from STUPID. !!!!

    • sandi

      Not really. What’s with all the ignorant comments related to the brand of bike this guy APPEARS to be riding? The folks that commented on Harley riders in this discussion must have better eyes than I do. I sure can’t tell what brand of cruiser this is nor could I read his t-shirt logo. I’m with Paragon Lost. I’e also seen all types of riders do stupid shit.

      • john phyyt

        . Brand is obvious beacuse we ride all the time and generally need to quickly categorise other riders. NOTE large LHS chromed chain case. I don’t think anyone here dislikes motorcycles. But Idiots in control are an entirely different matter.

  • Vrooom

    While the car driver should be in jail, the biker aggravated the situation. Your Harley t-shirt won’t make up for a 5-1 weight disadvantage between the Harley and an import car.

  • Dana Pellerin

    Stupid. I have this conversation with my wife at times because she gets pissed off when people drive like idiots. But sometimes people make mistakes, and sometimes they do dumb crap on purpose, but to me, at the the end of the day it’s about getting where I’m going in one piece and enjoying the ride. I’m not out there to force other people to acknowledge their faults. It’s not a contest. It’s not a race. So if I have to get out of the way of an idiot driver so they don’t kill me, I’m glad to do it.

  • Jason M.

    If someone is being an idiot in a car, let them pass or get away. No bike will win that battle…

    • Tinwoods

      Not true. Just today, I (safely) passed a guy driving his car at less than 10 mph on a residential street where he was obviously lost. But after I was by him, he roared up and intentionally swerved into me, forcing me to swerve into the opposite lane. Now ahead of me, he jammed on his brakes in an attempt to make me hit his backside, but I was following at a safe distance, so was easily able to apply the brakes and miss his rear bumper with many feet to spare. He did this again a little further up the road, but I was trailing even further, so he just looked ridiculous doing it. I waited until he had stopped at a light behind another car and pulled up to his door. As he screamed obscenities at me, I took out his mirror. First time in many years of riding that I had ever done this, and honestly, it felt good. So, yeah, in this vindictive road rage duel, I won.

      • Jason M.

        Must say that is justified, glad you came out unscathed!

  • kenneth_moore

    The tech industry told us back in the early 2000’s that ubiquitous video cameras and the internet would make available an amazing array of news and educational materials never before possible.

    So what do we get? Dipsticks in a car knocking a fat guy off a cruiser.

    • GodWhomIsMike

      She also threw her latte at him too before knocking him off his bike.

      • Harold O’Brien

        He was also zig zaging in front of her like an imbecile. And, that camera shows his bile ibn the ground, it doesn’t show the car hitting him.

        • What video did you watch?

          • Tinwoods

            This one. He’s got a point that you cannot see the actual contact of vehicles from this angle, but it’s obvious from his thrown-up hands gesture that she made contact.

    • Harold O’Brien

      What we got is what not to do with all these cameras everywhere. That we all should try and comport ourselves like there are cameras out there recording things because you never know when there are. Imagine if all these cameras made us behave like grown ups? Nah, .. that’ll never happen.

      • kenneth_moore

        That’s a nice thought. They’re putting cameras on cops in the hope that they will make them behave better. Unfortunately some cops are using the video to fabricate evidence. One case was revealed because the cops didn’t know the camera actually stored 30 seconds of recording before it’s switched on. There’s a video showing 3-4 cops planting crack, then you see the cop switch on his camera and miraculously “find” the crack.

        It sure beats working.

  • John A. Smith

    They should have charged him, too.

    • Harold O’Brien

      They should have sited both of them.

      • Site him for what, exactly? He has exclusive use of the entirety of his lane and may use any or all of it at his discretion. IMO, he wasn’t “weaving” at all. Based on his body movements, I’m guessing he doesn’t even know how to counter-steer, so for him, “weaving” wasn’t even possible.

        • Tinwoods

          To the both of you, it’s “cite,” not site.

  • GodWhomIsMike

    If it aggravated that much, wouldn’t the ‘safer’ dangerous thing be to pass in the middle turning lane? Would be a ticket, but not 16 counts. He should have just pulled over to the shoulder. Although, he was starting to hug the shoulder, and she was swerving to the shoulder, instead of going around the other way.

  • fzrider

    I would charge them both. They were both messing with each other. I always thought brake-checking was against the law too. I’m not sure she meant to hit him, on the other hand she didn’t try to kill him, which the next person may do.

    • Allison Sullivan

      Absolutely. I’m pretty sure that you could drum up a few charges for his smart ass too.

      Seriously, we have enough to deal with riding on the road, without douchebags like this making trouble.

  • Begging for it.

  • Alexander Pityuk

    She definitely didn’t mean to hit him. She got distracted by trying to throw her coffee and after doing so she was so scared that she made a panic escape over the motorcycle. I mean, if you try to kill a guy, you probably don’t throw coffee at him first… That doesn’t make her fault any lighter, just some interesting observations how throwing your drink can result in serious injury/death/jail.

  • RevD

    There’s two wasted minutes of my life I’ll never get back.

    • You forgot about the five minutes it took you to bother replying.

  • John B.

    1. The South will definitely win the next civil war. While Yankees fight with lattes and brake checks, our kids can hit a target the size of that motorcyclist at 1,000 yards.

    2. Don’t play this sissy game when you visit Texas, or you may get a gun in your face, or worse. Something like 70% of drivers carry lawfully, including Mothers toting young children, so behave yourself.

    3. My best guess is most of the charges against the Mother will be dropped, and she has a good chance to win at trial. (Child endangerment? Really? Looks like to me she was protecting her child from a clear threat.) Get a couple Grandmothers and Mothers on the jury and it will be tough to get a conviction. Clearly, the video creates a great deal of ambiguity and it’s not clear (beyond a reasonable doubt) what happened.

    4. I always carry when I ride (it’s bear season), which actually makes it much easier for me to walk away from buffoons. If I shoot someone it creates too much paper work. Ugh!

    5. Evans is such a nice guy, and he always gives responsible advice. Good job Evans!!!

    • She was protecting herself from what threat? The threat she created by attempting to pass on the shoulder? You’re really reaching here, sir. And even though it’s Texas, shooting out of a moving vehicle is still illegal in your state.

      • John B.

        We have seen a portion of a video, but have not seen the other evidence. In particular, we don’t know what happened before the video starts, and we don’t know what testimony the witnesses will give under oath at trial. At trial, the judge will instruct the jury to consider All the evidence before rendering a verdict. Keep in mind the State must prove each element of its case beyond a reasonable doubt. That may be difficult in this case. We shall see!

  • James Marshall

    Could someone please tell me what did the Harley driver do wrong here ??? Other than possibly going too slowly for the woman driving that whale sized car. What I see is a very impatient driver dangerously tailgating a motorcycle, while trying to swerve inside him in an attempt to do an outrageous and illegal inside passing manouver. That was also meant to intimidate him. Then throwing hot coffee at him, knocking him off his Cycle and fleeing the scene. That constitutes a hit and run in my book. She should at the very least lose her Licence and pay a large fine and repairs to his bike.

    • Harold O’Brien

      First Jim, you don’t know what precipitated this incident, nor do I. I do know that whatever did, the guy on the motorcycle is escalated it with his zigzagging in front of the car. It is not only dangerous it a provocation that escalated the situation needlessly. While she did make dangerous and illegal attempt to get around him, he did his part by cutting her off and speeding up. Again, he helped escalate the situation. Lastly, from that video you will NEVER get a hit a run conviction. The video does not show her striking him because it’s from behind. If she did hit him it was so slightly you can’t tell as evidenced by the fact that he was never off his feet. Unless she admitted hitting him it is just as plausible that he dropped the bike because he turned around after being hit wit the drink. Whatever this woman did, the guy on the bile was right there with her being just as big a jackass. I’ve ridden for 40 years, my current ride is a Nightrain. I’ve run into my share of jackasses but I have no sympathy for a guy that is willing to behave just as bad. It’s like the Harley rider in CA last month that kick the car, likely because he was cut off, that set off a chain of event that got some poor slob rolling his truck. Other than her tossing her drink at this guy, from the video evidence, he is just as wrong as her.

      • BDan75

        You’ve gotta be kidding. After throwing her drink at him, she *purposely* ran into his vehicle. That’s a whole other world of “wrong.”

        • I don’t think she purposely hit him, but rather probably was unaware that the outside part of one’s automobile swings wider than the inside and ended up hitting the bike.

  • Ok Campers

    Couldn’t help but notice the car was a KIA. Curious for me is that when I’m on my bike, it is the KIA drivers whom I observe to be more aggressive, following too closely, unnecessarily abruptly cutting back in lane after passing me, etc. Their lack of road manners has been demonstrated so often to me that I pay particular attention to them when sharing the road.

  • sgray44444

    Who cares who is more at fault here. They’re both idiots. Why does everybody these days have to screw with everyone and get in their space? It’s amazing that there isn’t more violence on the road. Whatever happened to mutual respect?
    The other day a coworker of my wife was on the way home and got run off the road. The nutcase / idiot came to her car window with a knife, threatening and calling her a fat b****h. He ought to be really glad it wasn’t my wife. We both carry legally and I told her that, if her life is in danger, drop him. Some people are just asking for it really.

  • David Ward

    he appears to be doing a steady speed, while she tailgates him the whole distance. She was impatient and she never tried to pass, except on the right.

  • Jay F

    Yay rolling road blocks!

  • Harold O’Brien

    Kind of reminds me of the guy on the that guy on the Harley who kick the car that set off a chain of events that got some poor slob, that had nothing to do with the incident. rolling his truck. Driving should be a collaborative effort so that we all get to where we need to be quickly and most importantly safely. Not “FU I was here first” or “.. too bad go around me.” Don’t know what caused this to start or who escalated it but the guy on the bike that thought it was a good idea to weave in front of that car is an imbecile. I’ve been riding for 40 years and have had my share of run ins with jackasses and only thing that was true in EVERY instance was physics. The law of the larger object. When your “crumble zone” is the tee shirt you’re wearing get the hell out of the way. Unless of course your angling for a wheel chair that yo can put Harley stickers all over.

  • Gerhard Grové

    The biker was wrong and stupid…amazing how strong a motorcycle can make you feel…hehe

    • There’s a difference between wrong and stupid. He wasn’t wrong, just stupid.

  • therr850

    What started all this stupidity?

    Either one could have stopped it probably before the video started recording. Either turn down a side street or pull into a parking lot full of people.

    The people recording were sure enjoying the show. Totally oblivious to the danger. They were following a little close too. Could very easily have rear ended her if the worse did happen.

    If she did hit the bike there will be marks on her front fascia.(bumper cover)

  • benchikh

    This big bear wants to make his own law, to ride a bike you need to have good mood otherwise you are a dead man(a fatale accident may happen)

  • blansky

    Too much coffee. At the end she realized it and threw it out. No harm no foul.

    Actually she looked like he was going to slow for her, and she tailgated him and so he did the brake check game. That never ends real well.

  • Speedwayrn@yahoo.com

    Right or wrong what idiot ever thinks a bike will win against the laws of physics?

  • Eric

    Hard to tell how this got started. However, it’s easy to tell the biker was impeding traffic, brake-checking, antagonizing the auto driver. Both stopped at the red light. Went green, and the biker failed again to get moving, impeding traffic and antagonizing the auto driver with revving pipes and hand gestures.

    Hard to tell if the car bumped the bike intentionally, or as a result of wanting to get around the brake-checking irate biker trying to get on down the road……the whole intention of the auto driver in the first place.

    Yeah in this case it’s hard to know who did what. But it’s clear the biker couldn’t leave well enough alone.

  • Scott Gross

    As a fellow motorcyclist, I can relate to the feelings of frustration at some automobile drivers. However, getting pissed at, then taunting a driver in a car, is extremely stupid and counter productive, to educating the general public to be aware and careful around motorcycles. Fellow riders, if someone in a car or truck is giving you problems, pull over and let them go. Do not exacerbate the situation.