You’ve got a brand new Yamaha R3, and you want to share the excitement by teaching your significant other how to ride too. It’s a small lightweight bike that’s easy to handle, the parking lot is flat and safe – what could go wrong?

The bike will be okay πŸ˜‚πŸ˜³

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Uh-oh. Now you’ve got, as the English race announcers love to say, a “decidedly second-hand” R3 and an SO who’s not only angry and bruised but also missing a shoe. Where the hell did that land anyway?

We’re making progress, though, by wearing a helmet, and even gloves! Things could’ve been much worse. Signing up for a motorcycle safety course is the way to go: Ride somebody else’s bike in a big empty lot. Signing up for a professional course would’ve cost much less than fixing that poor little R3.

  • Us enlisted men aren’t known for our brains πŸ™

    • Randy Hanks

      Our extreme ingenuity, yes. But our ability to use our brains under normal circumstances, no.


    It is with great regret that I must admit to laughing after watching the video. I watched it again and laughed some more. After the third time I put my ass back on and once again I laughed. I couldn’t help it.

  • DickRuble

    Looks like she hits the bumper of a police cruiser before hitting the asphalt.

  • Randy Hanks

    That shoe being launched into the stratosphere is the best part. The laws of physics don’t apply to that shoe.

    • Jason M.

      I’ve watched this too many times laughing at the flying shoe

      • Irma

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  • HeDidn’tWeDid

    Still amazes me how many riders I see in tennis shoes. It matter not whether they are on a 30K CVO Road King or a mangy 4th-hand sportbike. I hope the lady was okay. That was a nasty hit she took on her leg.

    • StripleStrom

      Never mind bouncing off her head!

    • Rasputin

      No kidding, with the speed that shoe went flying it’s amazing that she didn’t break anything. Sturdy boots have always been a must for me. On more than one occasion I have seen some yahoo riding a sport bike in flip flops, WTF? You may as well ride barefoot.

  • TC

    When I was a kid, we all started out on mini bikes, and then 90cc dirt bikes, finally road bikes. I see a lot of videos like this where the new rider gives it too much throttle, which makes the bike accelerate causing the rider to give it even more throttle, leading to uncontrolled acceleration and then a crash. Some of the ATVs had the thumb throttle which would not react like that, much safer for a beginner. I feel sorry for that lady, looks like she took a hard hit.

    • StripleStrom

      I remember my wife, when she was learning, finding a way to wheelie a Honda 750 ACE. I didn’t think it was possible, but she got a good couple feet. Unfortunately, this is such a common thing. A beginner underestimates the power or is too abrupt with the clutch and ends up being pulled back on the bike, which has the unintended result of rolling on more throttle. I worked with a guy whose wife got pretty racked up on a dirt bike because of this. It’s too bad that they don’t make a reverse throttle that would have the opposite result just for this kind of situation.

      • TC

        My father grew up in Costa Mesa back in the 1940’s, and he rode motorcycles. He told me that the Indians of that era had throttles that worked opposite of what we have now.

        • dagobarbz, fine Italian shoes

          I learned on a 1969 BSA from England. Footbrake and shift were reversed.

      • DickRuble

        How about starting on a 125cc Honda, with an MSF instructor? Most riders aren’t qualified to operate their own motorcycle, let alone teach newbies.

        • StripleStrom

          Surely a better way to go. This was before it was available.

      • BDan75

        I’ve wondered why thumb throttles never made the jump from ATVs to motorcycles.

        • StripleStrom

          I’m glad they didn’t. I never liked them for some reason. Maybe when we get leaning street quads they’ll have the thumb throttles.

        • John A. Smith

          Thumb throttles are less precise than twist throttles, I’d suspect. Personally, I’d be terrified to try to run a thumb throttle on anything with two wheels.

          • TC

            I think it’s all about what you are used to. I’ve had bikes that wouldn’t go WFO unless I repositioned my hand and got some more twist. The ‘quarter turn’ throttle was a hot deal at one time.

        • DickRuble

          The thumb does not have the range of motion of the wrist. ATV riders don’t have the range of motion of motorcyclists. At certain wrists positions, at the limit of the range, leaned over in a bend, application of thumb throttle control can be very awkward.

          • BDan75

            Hadn’t thought of that….good point.

  • Kahless01

    so did he check on the bike first or his girl? i wouldve checked on the bike.

    • dagobarbz, fine Italian shoes

      I have done that twice, lol.

  • Gary

    At least she got a big thrill out of it …

  • Allison Sullivan

    I can’t watch this without cringing. That has to be multiple fractures and probably a concussion. Ouch, ouch ouch ouch.

  • Buzz

    Many moons ago, I had a 1973 Honda XR75. I was riding around a vacant lot in West LA (when you could do such a thing in LA) and my dad and sister were watching.

    My sister said she wanted to ride it. My Dad asked her,” you think you can just hop on and start riding a motorcycle?” She said yes.

    My dad put her on the bike and eased out the clutch and she proceeded to pin the throttle. My dad was hanging on for dear life to the back fender while she drug him around the lot. He finally was able to apply enough pressure to tip her over.

    The bike was now on its side with my screaming sister hanging on to the pinned throttle. I ran over and hit the kill switch. That was her first and last attempt at riding.

    • Harold O’Brien

      When I got my first bike it was a 125cc Suzuki enduro. Since I have only one arm, I wanted something cheap to beat on before I stepped up to a street bike. I used it in the field behind my house, basically as a dirt bike. I mounted the clutch on the right side and just disconnected the front brake. My brother dumped the bike and bent the foot pedal under the case and as such, it you had to know where it was because you really had to reach for it. So, my Dad, who NEVER rode a motorcycle in his life comes out on day and he going to show off a little. So, this 200lbs 50 year old guy is riding around doing OK except he look like the bicycle riding bear at the circus. He goes to pull up to the back of the house and decides he’s going to lock up the back wheel and slide to a stop. So he guns it to pick up speed for dramatic effect, except he can’t find the brake pedal, .. pure panic lights up his face, he hits the post and rail fence and falls over on his side holding onto the handle bars. It was like a scene out of the old how laugh in.

  • Fifty_three

    Made my day haha.

  • Don Orton

    Former owner/ridercoach of an MSF school here. Surprising number of spouses (99 percent female) that had been (horribly) taught/mentored by a “significant other” and ended up in a similar heap on the side of the parking lot. Their stories are all too similar, and usually very funny in hindsight.

    Almost to a person they all said the same thing – “He had no patience with me!” Guys just have this mindset that because they ride, anyone they are in a relationship with should have the skills rub off on their partners just by association. When the results don’t happen as swiftly as the guy thinks they should, they call people like us. “I want to sign her up, but I think she’s untrainable”. Uhh huh, just step back and let us work.

    The intimidation factor is reduced because we are not related, patient, and the motorcycles are not someone’s highly-prized Gixxer or Street Glide. We used to refer to our training bikes as “Conveniently pre-crashed”.

    • Neville Burt

      That makes me a 1%’r which I’m not.

  • Douglas

    There are dozens of clips like this, both street & dirt, parking lots, parks, back yards, et al, on You Tube. You find that if the newbie’s feet aren’t on the pegs after the first 15-20 ft, something to prove unequivocally that Newton’s Laws are true, will happen, often with hilarious outcomes (and sometimes with an unexpected bump or bruise, but oh, well….)

  • dagobarbz, fine Italian shoes

    LOL! My buddy cracked the throttle on his new Yamaha; the front wheel came up…up…up…and then it fell over backwards on him. I didn’t laugh AT him, but I laughed when I got home.

  • therr850

    Don’t like the instagram videos

  • Klappskalli von Porsche

    ok. not funny. there are way better ones.

  • Vrooom

    I saw something similar, a guy trying to teach his wife to ride on a 600cc sportbike. She didn’t crash quite that spectacularly, and stalled a few times before taking off. For god’s sake people, learn on a dirt bike or 250cc dual sport. The old fashioned way.

  • Tanker Man

    That’s hard to watch…

  • Harold O’Brien

    Yes, .. “Signing up for a professional course would’ve cost much less than fixing that poor little R3.” But where is the fun in that? It’s not just woman too I’ve three brother’s in law. Two are bike time Harley guys, one never rode. He got on one of his brother’s Harley, let the clutch out and took off out of the drive way, across a usually VERY busy rode hit the guy across the streets lawn and fell over. The only thing that sucked was my wife had to tell me the story because I wasn’t there to see it and LMAO.

  • Eddie

    I have seen that same scenario many times. Twice into a motorcycle showroom window with the showroom full of bikes. Lots of glass and motorcycle domino’s!

  • abaton7

    Some people just do not have the coordination to ride a bike. Tried to teach my buddy to ride. The bike took off without him. He said “l forgot to sit down”.