Honda and VICE Present Off the Map: San Francisco

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Honda and VICE teamed up to produce a new three-part video series titled Off the Map. The series follows motorcyclists escaping the city and hitting back roads to find adventure out in the countryside away from life’s daily distractions.

The second episode features San Francisco couple Greg Weissel and Katherine Ambellan escaping the City by the Bay on a Honda CB500F and CTX700N with dual-clutch transmission. The couple head down the Pacific Coast Highway for a night under the stars in Big Sur.

Miss the first episode? Watch it here. Off the Map: New Orleans

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  • DickRuble

    You meet the nicest dorks on a honda

  • Chris Cope

    I lasted 3 minutes. Can’t stand these two. And I love bikes –– especially Hondas.

  • Ames W

    love Vice, love the video series :)

  • Nickolas Radovanovic

    Please! Wouldn’t the average biker (or wannabe biker) want to see more than pretentious imagery and a couple of goobers prattling on about the bleeding obvious? I watched out of morbid fascination, wondering if it could possibly be any worse than the previous video. But sure enough! Not even bike comparisons? No doubting Vice’s agenda…but Honda?…WTF?!

  • Rob Thijssen

    Hey Vice, what part of any of these films gets “off the map”? This series coulda been called “how to turn supermarket chicken into crab dinner”. You mighta got more likes if the viewers weren’t bikers.

    • DickRuble

      Good point. The videos might work on a different target population; people who have never touched a motorcycle. This magazine is therefore not the best place to distribute the videos.

      • Rob Thijssen

        Yup! I hear ya. Bikers prefer taller tales but somehow with less bs. Like this:

        • Nickolas Radovanovic

          Brilliant! Thank you.

        • DickRuble


      • DickRuble

        Best review I’ve ever seen. Thank you!!

  • Patty Keller Jeddy

    Pretentious Hipsters Transplanted from S. Valley with all the tats money can buy….right.


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