Hear The Ninja H2 Supercharger In Kawasaki’s Latest Teaser Video

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Today, Kawasaki released the second in its series of teaser videos for the much anticipated Ninja H2. Not much is revealed visually in the teaser video, but the audible notes tell a completely different story. The video starts off with a run through the gears and in it we hear the clear sound of the centrifugal supercharger’s wastegate as it regulates intake pressure. 

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Also notable is the relatively low-redline compared to a ZX-10R or any other “superbike” based motors. By the sound of this teaser, and the promo engine shot from yesterday, we’re fairly certain this is a Z1000/Ninja1000 engine with a centrifugal supercharger. Check out the video below and tell us what you think below.

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  • DickRuble

    A 750cc v-twin supercharged, nice ergonomics and below 460lbs wet would be my preference.

    • fastfreddie

      Make that below 400lbs and I’m with you.To be honest,all I want is a 1000cc nt hawk.But that’s probably just me.

      • DickRuble

        You can’t get below 400lbs with a 750cc.. not if you want to pass DOT requirements and if you want a supercharger, comfort, and two-up configuration. Check the KTM rc390.. even that’s claimed at 340lbs.. and it’s only a single cylinder..

        • john burns

          blahblah blah…

          • DickRuble

            Very eloquent, Burns… Now we know why you were dropped off early from law school.

        • fastfreddie

          The panigale 1199 is only 425 pounds,and that has more than 50% displacement than a 750…

          Is it a DOT requirement that 750cc bikes weiht more than 400lbs?

          Help me out here,I’m a norwegian:)

          • DickRuble

            You have to have turn signals, lights, electric starter,.that kind of stuff. The Panigale is a light they can be.. and is still over 400 lbs. And it’s far from comfortable two up. I don’t see a 750cc engine with a supercharger being much lighter than a Panigale. The supercharged engine output would be in the ballpark of a 1000-1200cc regular engine…thus the frame and brakes would have to be sized accordingly. My conclusion is that a supercharged 750 for the street would probably be about the weight of Panigale, at the least.

          • fastfreddie

            Ok.A 1000cc V-Twin,normally aspirated,naked then.Under 400lbs;)

            Someone put in a Mille engine in the hondas NT650gt and it was lighter!It would probably struggle to get approved and it’s anyones guess how long before the frame cracks from the stress.But to me it sounded glorious:)

            Thanks for explanation.

          • DickRuble

            You probably would like this one… not v-twin but nice power/weight ratio and 300lbs dry. Add electrics and fluids.. 400lbs ballpark. Getting it approved for street… priceless.


          • fastfreddie

            Me likes,but wonder how much you’d have to spend getting it approved:D

          • DickRuble

            I just reread the specs for the Suzuki Recursion Turbo (588 cc) 100 hp and 77 ft*lb at 4500 rpm. That’s 35 hp less the ZX-6r but 25 ft*lb more at far lower rpms. A supercharger leads to more modest performance increases, but it is still likely to improve low rpm performance. I think that’s the gist of the Kawa experiment; bring the power and torque at low rpm, where it matters for practical use. For the record, the claimed weight for the Suz is 386 lbs.

      • DickRuble
        • fastfreddie

          Looks like something out of Tron.Is it a prototype,or do they make them for sale? Not that I’m anywhere near that fiscally;)

          • DickRuble

            It’s a one off, supercharged Yamaha FZ 1000.

    • pennswoodsed

      1st gen sv650 was 370lbs wet , stroker and big bore kits up to 700cc .offset weight of supercharger with updated fuel tank that doesn’t weigh 30lbs and light weight components all around would work .

      • DickRuble

        Not sure where you got your numbers. For the first gen, the dry weight was 364 lbs, the wet weight was 417 lbs, according to wikipedia, which cites CycleWorld.

  • http://www.mymotorrad.com/ james lagnese

    Must get terrible gas mileage.

    • fastfreddie

      Why?In the automotive industry,they feel the small capacity with turbocharge is the way to go…

      • Razedbywolvs

        Forced induction adds more air and fuel to get more horsepower. It cut’s cost and increases platform sharing is why the auto intraindustry does it. Cheaper than building a v6 with equivalent horsepower.

    • DickRuble

      Not worse than equivalent hp engines.

  • budfox21

    Love that they are bringing back the ‘H2’ reference.

  • john burns

    Holy shit Mildred!

  • http://norimek.com/blog Robert C. Barth

    From the picture of the engine the other day, and the mention of wastegates, this isn’t a supercharger, but rather a turbocharger. Superchargers have no exhaust components and run either geared off the engine or with a belt and pulley. A turbo is powered by the exhaust and has a wastegate to allow exhaust gas to bypass the compressor, limiting boost.

  • Jim

    That sure sounds like a triple to me, folks. My Triumph 955 sounded very similar, without the boost. Supercharged 750 triple.


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