Some sportbike riders look down their noses at Harley riders for their perceived emphasis on cruising rather than performance. Well, some of those Ricky Racer wannabees might want to steer clear of the Harley pilot in this video shot on Mulholland Drive’s famous Snake section.

The video below begins at the Lookout point on Mulholland shot by a rider on a Honda CBR1000RR. As he’s entering the road, a guy on a Yamaha R1 rides past followed closely by a Harley Dyna of some sort with what looks to be aftermarket shocks and exhaust. The CBR rider eventually gives chase but doesn’t close in as quickly as the viewer – and maybe he – expects. The Harley guy blows past the R1, followed quickly by the Honda rider.

What happens next is riveting. The Harley dude has obviously been down this road before, and he’s also demonstrating he’s probably had considerable racing experience. He hangs way off the side of his bike in corners to help coax a few more degrees of lean angle out of his Dyna, and the sparks literally are flying. At around the 1:12 mark, he even paints a darkie with his rear tire as he explores the outer limits of his bike’s cornering grip. It’s fascinating watching the dichotomy of his carefully chosen lines and technical execution while his black t-shirt rides up his bare back.

  • Old MOron

    “It’s more fun to ride a slow bike fast than a fast bike slow.”
    Your Honor, exhibit A.

  • Ron Hayes

    I flinched each time he hit the right hand bends near the rock walls. Plus he was in a t-shirt and jeans which could have made it very painful:-)

  • TheMarvelous1310

    Wow, this is the first time I’ve seen someone ride a Harley-Davidson properly on video! Dude has skills.

    • Kenneth

      Riding a cruiser this way is as “proper” as driving an Econoline van this way.

      • TheMarvelous1310

        Well, if you put some sticky tires and upgrade the suspension, that Econoline might be a fun drive. Definitely will if it’s a V10 model!

  • CACooper

    When he almost threw it away early on, I personally would have backed off and gave him a lot of room to crash. Two reasons: First, to avoid witnessing the carnage. Second, to avoid be taken out by his stupidity. He was definitely on the ragged edge of control riding a big, heavy, low machine as fast as he was. He’s fortunate everything went OK and nothing got in his way, like loose gravel or a car in his lane. Skills, yes, but keep it up and his luck will eventually run out.

    • Douglas

      Well, he’s obviously not at talented as you.

    • Yep there were several dangerous moments, like where his head crossed the centre line. I think the camera man was riding pretty dangerously as well – he definitely should’ve backed off.

  • Mark D

    I’m impressed by both his skills and his complete disregard for his own safety.

  • Douglas

    Well, just goes to show that a good rider is a good rider, no matter what he (or she, as the case may be) is straddling. This ol’ boy knew the road, his scooter (a SuperGlide I think, or maybe a LowRider) and had good rubber. The amazing thing to me is that he was able to ride that well with those ridiculous monkeybars. At least he didn’t have those moronic “forward controls”.

    I dunno, if the PPHC or the IOM had a separate Harley class, this cat might be a contender, maybe with a Buell-ish Sportster or somesuch…..

  • Sayyed Bashir

    The Harley rider wasn’t going to let the Honda get ahead of him, no matter what.

  • Starmag

    Some nice hog wrasslin’ there. Let’s be serious here though, if the Honda rider was riding the ragged edge like the Harley rider he would have been long gone. The Honda is basically a race bike and the Harley is a cruiser though, so kudos to hog wrassler for not stuffing it.

  • blansky

    Seems pretty obvious these guys were all together and the follow bike was the camera man for the Harley and they’ve probably filmed this a few times together.

  • DickRuble

    The sport bike kept up leisurely with the hog. Mullholand seems to be the place for this type of showmanship. Check this one with a kawa and a passenger at 1:30 min and someone testing the maximum amount of lard you can pack on a sportbike at around 5:40.

  • B.Hoop

    That was great. Those stupid handlebars make it even better!

  • spiff

    I like the fact when he almost eats it he just rides through it. Not his first day.

  • JMDonald

    This man knows his machine. I am not worthy.

  • FreelancerMG

    That Harley rider also completely destroyed his exhaust cans at the end and he’s lucky that exhaust was cheap metal because a much sturdier exhaust would have seen himself being levered off of the ground on those right handers. A little much for public roads but cool I guess.

  • kenneth_moore

    What’s the deal with the cops on Mulholland? Do they leave the bikes alone when they’re out there hauling ass en mass?

    And the guy with the dog pisses me off. He’s got a helmet, armor, boots. The dog has fur. I’m sure the dog likes to ride, but maybe his owner should think about what will happen to him in even a comparatively minor accident.

    • Old MOron

      I agree about the dog. It’s very cool to bond with your dog. It is very uncool to expose it to so much risk.

      And I don’t mind the guys hauling ass, but the folks who make a u-turn in the middle of the Snake so they can hurry back to the camera are dumbfucks. There is no good place on the Snake to make a u-turn.

  • TC

    Ride hard, crash hard.

  • edbob

    Good video, definitely a highly skilled rider despite having rocks for brains. For the inexperienced who are watching, this is russian roulette. Gravel or sand spilled form those cliffs, animals, stalled cars, oil spills etc come up too quickly when riding with no margin for error, and there are no skills or reflexes that can save you from the unpredictable. Don’t get me wrong, I sincerely do like the video, and see it’s point. Be warned youngsters, this sort of thing can easily give you a day you will never forget if you even survive. Check it:

  • Numbone

    All I can do is cringe. I hope some young person doesn’t see this and go out and do something equally or more stupid.

    • TC

      During my 32 year career as a fireman, I went to a lot of calls to load these types of riders into ambulances, or throw a blanket over them and wait for the coroner.. Is it really worth the risk, and should motorcycle magazines be glorifying this kind of behavior?

      • Numbone

        I think everyone in the motorcycle industry, including media, inherently undertands that glorifying this kind of barely in control behavior is bad for business. .. or at least I thought they did.

  • john phyyt

    People love their hogs. Anyone who has ridden a while knows that many of those who ride their harleys ,ride all the time. Not just Sunday morning canyon carving. When you do start to push on it is not exceptional to find a well ridden example of the breed . Hope your skills are up to it because an inflated Ego, may not resist the challenge. Then as the T shirt says. earth/sky/earth/sky … Nurse

    • john phyyt

      Harley rider is taking classic Slow in , early apex, fast out approach. To pass you would have to pick it up quickly and blast passed on short straight. But harley will try and pick the perfect wide entry to corner so you will definately be approaching next corner fast, off line, and with a hog ( with average hog brakes) threatening to “Rossi” you . .. mmmmmmm . It is up to you.

  • Vrooom

    At least he’s wearing proper safety gear for that sort f riding. I believe Harley t-shirts must be both bulletproof and charmed. His tires are on the paint stripes at high degrees of lean, he’s on the shoulder, he’s lucky he’s not getting skin grafts. While the Honda did not appear to be pushing hard, the Harley was moving. Once got passed on a twisty road by a guy on a Goldwing in a long straight, I was on a Ducati ST and not wanting to let this go unchallenged so I sped up, he slides on what must be his exhaust based on the fireworks in the first corner, barely gets it upright, only to run straight into the brush in the next corner. Wearing a t-shirt. Don’t do this at home.

  • BensonStein555

    How much do Harley muffler/tail-pipes cost these days? As cool as that was, he is Darwin Award material.

  • Rae Wallis

    I remember the days when young equated with invincible, what a thrilling ride!