According to various sources, President Trump was scheduled to sign more executive orders today at Harley-Davidson headquarters in Milwaukee. However, the visit was apparently canceled at the behest of the Motor Company due to concerns of social blowback by crowds of protesters. According to a post on the Milwaukee Independent website, the Milwaukee Coalition Against Trump (MCAT), is the organization taking credit for influencing Harley-Davidson’s decision to cancel the visit.

The Milwaukee Indepent quoted a person from the MCAT saying, “Today, Milwaukee let the world know that Trump is not welcome here. The Milwaukee Coalition Against Trump is thrilled that Trump has been forced to cancel his visit to Milwaukee, one of his first press events outside of Washington D.C.”

CNN reported that the visit was not public knowledge, but in advance of the event the White House had people in Milwaukee preparing for the President’s arrival. A statement issued by Harley-Davidson last night denies any planned visit by the President saying they “don’t have, nor did we have, a scheduled visit from the President this week at any of our facilities.”

Most likely this is a bid by H-D to remain politically neutral and not upset Harley-Davidson owners regardless of political affiliation.

This is actually the second instance in these early days of 2017 that a major motorcycle manufacturer has been dragged into American politics. A few weeks ago Reuters reported that Kawasaki was canceling any ties to The New Celebrity Apprentice due to continued involvement of President Trump. Kawasaki spokesperson Kevin Allen was quoted in the report saying, “Once we understood the concerns of American citizens, we have taken the approach of agreeing not to participate in the show in the future as long as Mister Trump is involved as an executive producer.”

Just hours later Kawasaki backpedaled the earlier statement in an attempt to avoid upsetting Kawasaki owners who support Trump. While they were at it, Kawasaki then proceeded to tell the world that the spokesperson who was quoted in the Reuters interview had since left their employ. That’s some truly ugly stuff in light of how reserved Japanese corporations tend to be when making public statements about corporate departures.


    Every company should have an upfront plan when it comes to their political leanings shouldn’t they?

    • Yep: Stay neutral and stay out of it. See John’s response below.

      • JMDGT


  • Old MOron

    Hmm, seems like corporations are spreading disinformation to low-information voters. Ha ha, I just wanted to put those words together in a sentence. Actually, it all voters.

  • blueson2wheels

    I would think Harley riders are heavily pro-trump — hence the planned visit — so it’s odd they would deny the visit was ever scheduled. In any case, it’s disturbing to see how commonplace it is becoming to offer “alternative facts.” When honesty has become completely disvalued, what is left?

  • SRMark

    It’s all about the $$$

  • Al Turner

    I didn’t know the “company” was so chicken shit.

    • Sayyed Bashir

      What would you have done?

    • Larry Kahn

      Should have had a clue when Elton John was the
      “big surprise” at the centennial event.

  • Kevin Polito

    Most Harley owners — and most motorcycle riders in general — vote Republican, but big corporations aren’t stupid.

    • Larry Kahn

      Where did you get this information about “most motorcycle riders”?

      • Bruce Steever

        Demographics and psychographics are not black magic, they are science. When you see very strong similarities, you can draw plausible conclusions.

        • Larry Kahn

          What similarities are you referencing? I get the Harley/Conservative/USA! sense but I’d say the rest of the motorcycle “types” are somewhat different than the Harley scene. And for the current time Trump voters weren’t all registered Republicans.

          • Bruce Steever

            Short answer: The demographics across the board for US motorcycling (Harley or otherwise) is still ‘old white men with lots of money.’ The overwhelming majority of Trump voters were also ‘old white men with lots of money.’

            I don’t disagree with you in the slightest that those demographics are changing more every day, but if you’ve got P>.9 or >.85 on both factors, you can safely assume the resulting Venn diagram is going to be a very tight pair of circles.

          • Larry Kahn
          • Bruce Steever

            I’m right there with you, bru!

          • ADB

            Hey, I like that! Too bad your dude got steamrolled by the establishment. Bam. Squish. Blat. Flat as a pancake. “Move along folks, nothing to see….”.

      • Kevin Polito

        I’ve been riding since 1974, and in all the years of going to events and meeting other riders, the only opinions I’ve heard expressed aloud, on T-shirts, on patches, and on stickers have been steadfastly right wing.

  • John B.

    HD retail motorcycle sales fell 1.16% in 2016 compared with 2015. In this deeply divided political climate, HD can’t afford to take any political position that might alienate customers. In times past, it would enhance a brand’s image to have the U.S. President visit. I’m not sure that’s true in 2017.

    • blansky

      And also he won by around 100,000 votes in a couple of states that gave him the electoral college. But the majority of Americans that voted, voted against him.

      In fact 55% of voters voted against him. Clinton got 48.2% and others got 5.7%

      So a company that sides with him and his controversial policies are taking a risk.

      • John B.

        In days past, to host a president’s visit was not tantamount to endorsing all his policies. Apparently, times have changed.

        • blansky

          Well when you get protests in cities and towns across the country and in countries throughout the world, I guess yes, times have changed. And since the guy has only been in power for a couple of weeks.

      • JMDGT

        Do you understand that we live in a representative republic?

        • blansky

          It’s not a question of what I understand, it’s a simple observance of the response to his policies and the fact that the majority of people aren’t in favor or them or of him. And any company that doesn’t recognize that may find their sales may suffer when they are seen to be endorsing him.

          He is the most controversial, divisive and dangerous president we’ve had in modern times. And daily he stumbles in ways to prove that. And we are in week 2.

          I’m guessing, more to come….

          • JMDGT

            “I’m guessing, more to come…….”
            I sure hope so.

          • blansky

            Me too.

          • SerSamsquamsh

            Trump may be a loud mouth bully but it doesn’t seem like he sees himself on a messianic mission like W. Therefore its debatable he’s the “most dangerous president”. Like HD, Trump sees the bottom line and tribal approval as the most meaningful measures of success. Unfortunately a representative republic isn’t a business concern and words are power.

      • Lincoln got 39%….Woody Wilson got 39%….

        Slick Willy got 41% (92) and 44% (96)….

        • john burns


          (Updated 10/97)

          Candidate (Party Label) Popular Vote Total Percent of Popular Vote

          Bill Clinton (Democrat) 47,402,357 49.24

          Bob Dole (Republican) 39,198,755 40.71

          Ross Perot (Reform) 8,085,402 8.40

          Ralph Nader (Green) 685,128 .71

          Harry Browne (Libertarian) 485,798 .50

          • ADB

            I forgot Ross was around for the second time as well.

        • blansky

          Yes but did they all plan a visit to the Harley Davidson factory.

  • blansky

    Tossing red meat out to people with a low IQ that he did while campaigning is a lot easier than actually running a country. He is a man that has no understanding of nuance and complexities.

    • John B.

      Trump and his team accomplished the greatest feat in U.S. political history. In so doing, he outmaneuvered the biggest names in national politics. Do you really think Trump’s unintelligent? Not all disagreements over policy arise from ignorance.

      • blansky

        Well to begin with people who vote Republican do so for many reasons that didn’t really include Trump. The south has voted mostly for racial reasons since the Voting Rights Act of 1965. Some people vote Republican because they believe Fox News is actually news. Some do because they think liberals are coming for their guns. Some do for religious reasons because they oppose abortion and gay rights. Lots of reasons. Rich people usually vote Republican. So this is not all Trump.

        Secondly he’s a salesman and con man. And he sold a bill of goods to a group of people who basically wanted to blow up the system. He he says he’s for the little guy, which is pretty funny since he’s never done anything for anyone other than himself his whole life. In fact he’s hurt lots of “little guys” in his dealings.

        What he wants/needs is attention and adoration. His narcissistic personality disorder is widely know, with a little bit of Dunning-Kruger effect throw in for good measure, and his vocabulary is at a 5th grade level. He watches cable news and alt-right wacko internet and tweets childish responses to anyone who calls him out.

        So is he intelligent? No. He’s a focused snake oil salesman who works well within the parameters of his mental issues and was successful in selling his snake oil to people who were desperate.

        The problem with these people is that he ran on a Republican ticket, that puts Republicans in charge of too many branches of government and they have NEVER been for the little guy. Their mandate is ALWAYS to make rich people richer. So how they expect Republicans to drain any swamp that they themselves constantly replenishing is going to be fun to watch.

        And for Republican it’s a win-win. Because when he’s finally impeached they take over with Pence as president. And the little guy keeps getting screwed.

        • Douglas

          Aah….we now have a new Professor Irwin Corey…..

        • John B.

          Among other amazing residences, Trump (and his family) resides in a 5th Avenue penthouse that looks down on NYC, flies around the world on a 757 jet, has a beautiful wife (supermodel beautiful) and family, owns exclusive properties around the world, turned millions into billions, produced a highly rated TV show, and as an outsider with, among others, the media and both parties against him, defeated the most well-funded politicians in history to win the presidency. Now Trump is the most powerful person in the world. Pretty solid accomplishments for a “snake oil salesman” and “con man.” Imagine what Trump could accomplish if he were intelligent.

          My wife and I, and the vast majority of professional men and women we know voted for Donald Trump. All of us are reasonably intelligent and educated, and none of us are “desperate.” Have you actually talked to Trump voters, or do you merely fantasize about their ignorance, gullibility, and desperation? If you want to talk to smart Trump voters, please let me know and I’ll hook you up.

          Even if you had a Ph.D. in psychology, and/or an MD with a specialty in psychiatry, it’s unethical and unscientific for you to diagnose a public figure with a mental illness unless you examined the patient and have the patient’s permission to discuss his/her medical condition in public. See, The Goldwater Rule. My guess is you’re talking out of your ass in assessing Trump’s mental health, just like you did when you expounded on the First Amendment, which you clearly don’t understand. That said, I would concede Trump is thin-skinned and self-absorbed. These qualities, however, are pervasive among successful entrepreneurs, politicians, and entertainers, among others.

          I hope the Democratic Party reaches the same conclusions you reached when they complete their post mortem analysis of what caused their party to lose control of government at nearly every level across the country.

          The oligarchs (i.e., the rich) get richer no matter which party is in power. That’s what makes them oligarchs. This is why Elon Musk is on Trump’s economic advisory council. Over the last eight years Musk, Gates, Zuckerberg, Buffett (Warren not Jimmy), Brin, Adelson, Page (Larry not Jimmy), and the Koch brothers made hundreds of billions of dollars. The rich get richer…. yes.

          Finally, I look forward to seeing what happens when Milo Yiannopoulos speaks at the University of Alabama. The “anarchists” will need more than pepper spray and face masks to stifle free speech in Dixie.

          You may have the last word.

          • blansky

            No need.

            But I do enjoy your motorcycle writing.

  • Scooby

    These ‘Protestors,’ like the protestors at UC Berkeley last night, are anarchists simply trying to shut down free speech and the free exchange of political viewpoints. At Berkeley, there were ‘protestors’ carrying ‘Neverfascism’ signs in protest of a controversial Breitbart editor speaking at the school, which, whatever you think of the editor’s views, is still protected speech. Oddly enough, the supposedly anti-fascist protestors got the speech shut down by threat of violence, and eventually by actual violence, throwing stones and torching university property. The Breitbart editor’s speech was cancelled and he was hustled out the back door by his security detail. So who were the fascists in this case? What the hell is going on with the left that you need a security detail with you when you speak at college campus if your political views are different than theirs? I doubt they even see the irony in this.

    The Harley cancellation was for these exact same reasons, and the protestors would’ve been lockstep allies of the UC Berkeley brown shirts. I guess Harley just ain’t as badass as they”d like us to think. Shame on them for caving to what is essentially censorship of political speech.

    • blansky

      Breitbart is a white supremacy website with various anti semetic and anti everybody leanings. That what makes it an alt-right site. Having them come to a very left leaning school is not an exchange of ideas. It’s like a Nazi at a synagogue meeting. Can’t exactly end well.

      This brings up an interesting debate about tolerance. If I call myself tolerant does that mean I have to tolerate or defend hate speech.

      And a couple of points. Freedom of speech is only a guarantee that the government can’t come after you for your political ideas. It doesn’t mean other people, businesses or schools etc have to put up with it.

      Also calling people who cancelled a talk fascists, is a misnomer. A fascist is not a word that mean bully or dictator, fascism is a form of government. Google it.

      • Scooby

        Well I guess that’s the new method of the left — if a news organization doesn’t fall in line with the leftist media, the left then labels it ‘racist,’ or some other such label. Please cite some specific examples where Breitbart propogates white supremecist ideology. Your assumption that Milo was at UC Berkely to promote hate speech is baseless. It’s just not politically correct, and so the left labels it ‘hate speech’ because they don’t agree with the content.

        If you call yourself tolerant you do, in fact, have to tolerate all speech. You seem to have a basic misunderstanding of the 1st amendment. And if you respond to ANY free speech by becoming violent you are violating the law. You are basically saying it was okay for the protestors to use violence to censor. What if the Breitbart editor even mentioned violence, would that be okay too?

        If you’ve seen any video of the anti-free speech riots, you will see that it was the protestors who were calling the speaker a fascist, but again, were the ones behaving like fascists. So you’re saying only these protestors were using the word correctly?

        I would remind you UC Berkeley is a federally funded school, which means that they do in fact have to tolerate all points of view, not just the ones you, and they, are comfortable with. I see Trump today questioned whether a school that stifles free speech should be eligible for Federal funding. Since my tax dollars are partially paying for that authoritarian sh*t show at Berkeley, I’m willing to mull this question over.

        It’s the masses of people like you who are the true threat to free speech, not a lone Breitbart editor.

        • blansky

          Well obviously you’re a fan of the alt-right. It’s writing and opinions are well documented as are Milo Yiannopoulos’ world views.

          As for what happened in Berkeley, I don’t really care. The far left can be as crazy as the far right. The question is why would they invite a person like this to speak there in the first place. His whole schtick is provocation.

          And I’m sure we can agree that a lot of people make a lot of money being trouble makers and drawing attention to themselves by being provocation. Look at the people doing talk radio that started out as shock jocks. Only they realized the money was to be made doing in on the right. Throwing red meat at the rubes.

          As for free speech. As I said 1st Amendment is there to protect you from the government. Don’t see any threat to it anywhere else. Although Trump seems to have an issue with it.

          And Berkeley is under no obligation to invite speakers there at any time.

          • Scooby

            Pretty obvious you don’t have a clue how the 1st amendment was designed to work.

      • John B.

        The First Amendment protects so-called hate speech. Moreover, UC Berkeley is a government instrumentality. You’re misinformed about the First Amendment’s contours and its exceptions.

  • Scooby

    Update: Per White House Spokesman, Sean Spicer, H-D Execs. are meeting with President Trump at the White House today. So I will walk back my comment about Harley not having the cojones to meet Trump. My comments about the Anarchist protestors are unchanged.

    • JMDGT

      I heard they were going to meet President Trump. Maintaining a neutral posture has its advantages but not meeting with him would be even more foolish. Good for Harley.

  • “Most likely this is a bid by H-D to remain politically neutral and not upset Harley-Davidson owners regardless of political affiliation.”

    You’re killing me.

  • Randy Darino
    • Randy Darino

      looks like a visit to me

  • Douglas

    Some talk here of “hate speech”……what exactly is that? And who fomented that term to get it into the mass media (and seemingly everywhere else) to be used for everything the SPLC, ACLU, et al, doesn’t like? And what is this “anti-semitic” business? Do those using this accusation against whoever actually know what it means?

    One thing seems clear, tho’…..many I’ve talked to who voted for the Donald were actually voting AGAINST the Clinton woman….and vice-versa. We’ve never had such a weak slate….and that includes the also-rans, at least IMHO.

  • manfromsima

    Harley Davidson brass are pussies .Do they not know who buys there brand.

  • Michael Howard

    Shut up and let me ride in peace. 😉

  • Douglas

    As an aside, the Donald met w/the H-D execs on the south lawn, w/a couple Touring models parked right close. So guess the MCAT protesters are SOL.

    • Sayyed Bashir

      They had to do it so the WH could save face over the cancelled trip to Milwaukee.

  • mackja

    The local HD dealer is a good friend of mine and while I was there yesterday they showed me a letter from the motor company from Matt Levatich. The letter confirmed the initial story of them canceling the visit was “Fake News” and their was no turth behind it.
    Not to get political but it sure seems the hysteria is much greater than the reality. Dems are hurting themselves aliging with the more radical elements of the party. Like him or not he is the president, not everyone gets their way and the divides being created are harmful and just make things worse.

    • kenneth_moore

      Google “Trump cancels Harley visit” and you’ll find articles on it from every major news source. Liberal, convservative, and neutral alike. But I get your confusion. We’re all in for a lot of trouble sorting out the “turth” from the “bullshrit” for the next 4 years.

      • mackja

        This is the problem, the news media is running anything that slanders Trump weather it is accurate or not. The story of the Harley visit being canceled is just a lie. I saw and read the letter from the Top HOG himself. While I am not crazy about a Trump presidency he is the president. Based upon his actions and reactions I think the opposition will do much better working with him instead of against him. Pursuation and a unified approach might prove fruitful, where as in your face aggression against him will cause him to dig in and fight back even harder, things are just getting out of hand. I have no confusion what so ever, I have been skeptical of the media and our government for quite some time.

  • William Buffton

    Harley Davidson has historically stood with people of courage. Now they are trying to kiss PC Ass and be politically correct. I for one am both offended and have lost much respect for the motor company. I had always seen them as a company run by people with a set of balls but perhaps that is changing and maybe they are now being taken over by PC Bureaucrats instead of real men. I believe Willie G. is puking as we speak; this is not the company his grandfather help found

  • Randy Darino

    there was a meeting at white house and harley display on WH lawn.Fake news MO

  • smoketrain

    Gave up Harley along time ago, too expensive (for what you get), low performance, and I don’t dress like a pirate (or one of the Village People). If this is true shame on them!

  • sgray44444

    The day that Harley goes politically correct is the beginning of the end.