Our Hollywood correspondent was behind the scenes of the new Ghostbusters 3 movie and sent us this image of the ECTO II motorcycle Bill Murray will be riding during a cameo appearance in the movie franchise reboot. Like the ECTO I from the original movie, as well as the forthcoming remake with an all-female cast, the ECTO II is a stylish vintage machine outfitted with proper ghostbusting munitions including forward-facing lasers, and a rear-mounted Proton Pack. The bike looks to be in good, original condition. Can anyone guess what model it is?

After viewing the Ghostbusters 3 movie trailer, we’d rather be seen riding the ECTO II in public every day for a year than watch this movie.

  • Michael Howard

    You do know that’s a fake (fan made) trailer, right?

    • You do know the entire post is meant to be a joke, right?

      • Michael Howard

        I didn’t until now. Hard to tell sometimes.

        • Then that’s my failure not being obviously funny. Apologies.

          • Michael Howard

            Nah. I just don’t have much of a sense of humor. 😉

      • Born to Ride

        I didn’t realize it was a joke until I watched the trailer. Then I started busting up. Good work lol.

  • Mahatma

    It’s a girly DT125.Awaiting the grand prize…

    • What a coincidence, the grand prize is a girly DT125. Would you like that in pink or powder blue?

      • Mahatma

        Could I have a fusion of those colors?Know it’s alot to ask;)

    • Dale Finch

      Actually it’s a Harley SX-175