Apparently, this rider never read our Riding Safe: Crash Avoidance article from 2012. If he had he would have come across this nugget of riding wisdom. Ride Paranoid: They are out to get you. Every moving vehicle within visual proximity is not to be trusted. Whether it’s a left turn, lane merge, U-turn, running a red light, etc., you must always assume the driver of another vehicle lacks all reasonable intelligence and will execute any maneuver necessary to inflict maximum harm upon you.

Having illegally merged over the double yellow lines into the HOV lane, the young motorist with the ink still drying on his license is clearly at fault in this particular incident. However, the crash could (maybe) have been avoided had the motorcyclist:

    • Slowed his rate of travel. He seemed to be moving at a good clip (80ish mph) compared to surrounding traffic
    • Anticipated the illegal lane change (especially because cars do this all the time on LA freeways)
    • Covered the front brake, which would have dramatically decreased his reaction time

The combination of slower speed and faster reaction time may have given the rider a chance to take evasive maneuvers and split between the slower-moving cars, or, at the very least, lessen the impact. His relative lack of injury in this instance is down to luck, but not hitting the car in the first place would have been a far more desirable outcome.

Your thoughts?