When you want to bring a friend but you hate riding two-up, or you need to carry a bunch of extra stuff on a moto ride, a sidecar might be just the ticket. Check out these five interesting motorcycle sidehacks.

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  • toomanycrayons

    I’m surprised nobody thought to bolt two Yamaha Star Ventures together.

    Oh, right, ‘been done. That’s a Lincoln Town Car…

    Love the VW. Camper in the works? Hello, BMW Marketing…?

    • Gee S

      Right there with you on the V-dub. Please note the delightful V-dub boxer motor that it uses.

      The camper sidecar thing is soooo last century, though. The Brits — of course — were doing THAT in the 50s. Theirs, of course, had china and a tea set, tho. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/98aec7c9813353ee0164dcd22e9ad587274c516a648c68ef8d9d237d4840a3c5.jpg

      • toomanycrayons

        That did look a little…agricultural, for a BMW boxer. You’ve cleared that up. Perhaps my head was turned by the previous shiny objects. It has happened before. The one in question does make changing plugs easier than on an old Beetle. As I recall is was like trying to follow an Escher stair drawing while someone held it out of sight. It was always raining, too.

        • throwedoff

          That’s it a Type 1 dual port VW engine shoe horned into that frame. I’m sure there’s a fair amount of torque lean when he cranks the throttle open quickly. Even a lightened flywheel can only help so much.

          • toomanycrayons

            “Torque lean” reminds me of demo-ing a Buell FireBolt XB12R. I thought it was coming apart. I was assured it was “normal” for a Sportster derived engine. This looks even MORE EXCITING!

  • icebearpowersports