Last week we saw a teaser video followed by confirmed CARB filings of a new Triumph Speed Triple RS and R versions. As noted in the CARB filings, the engine will retain its 1050cc capacity, however, the new mill has received a different engine code which suggests changes from the previous model.

New Triumph Speed Triple Teased For Jan. 29

Triumph Speed Triple RS

Also noted last week was the increased redline from 10,000 rpm to 11,000 rpm, which is suggested on the new TFT display.

With the release of Triumph’s latest video, we see a more clear view of the motorcycles. Styling is certainly similar to the current Speed Triple as is the chassis while noticeable changes can be seen in the large TFT-display (finally!), five-spoke wheels, new handlebar controls, and slight styling updates including black fork tubes, a new front fender and two-toned graphics following suit from the Street Triple RS.

Triumph states all will be revealed February 5 at the end of the video. Rather than speculating changes we can neither confirm nor deny, take a look at the video below and see for yourself. As always, stay tuned to for updates on the new Triumph Speed Triple RS.

  • allworld

    Marking my calendar…. I great bike, now even better. What I have always loved about the Speed Triple is its “usable” power band.

    • cdj

      Are they more reliable these days?

      • allworld

        I have had 2 bikes with this power plant and never had any issues.
        Triumph as a whole makes a quality product, IMO

      • Larry Kahn

        Then when? The ’70’s and older? No relation at all. You must know that…

      • Born to Ride

        I’ll be third to the 1050 love party. Had one for two years and nearly 30k miles. Never skipped a beat.

    • Born to Ride

      If I could have this engine in my STRS chassis, I would truly be in heaven.

      • allworld

        The grass is always greener….. Your STRS is a great bike.

        • Born to Ride

          I’ve owned a 1050 before, I like the powerband a bit better. But the agility of the Streetie is sublime.

  • kenneth_moore

    Sometimes I think the 30% of the UK is made up of abandoned air bases.

    • Tony Saunders

      Britain was described (during WW2, from memory) as “an aircraft carrier floating off the coast of Europe “

  • cdj

    Are you talking Carl Fogarty? If so, blast from the past…he was damn good.

  • Fabian

    This is crazy but good.

    • Mary

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    I can hardly wait to see the full specs on this bike. I see this and a Thruxton in my future. I may go all in for Triumph.

    • Gabriel Owens

      Not enough dealerships in my area or id definitely give em a try.