In today’s Ask MO AnythingSeamus O’Connor from San Jose, CA inquired about purchasing an EBR bike. John Burns, MO’s in-house sage, responded with an affirmative purchasing decision. No one’s questioning Burnsie’s advice, but we’d like to know what our readership thinks about EBR, and if purchasing one is an iffy proposition or a sound investment. The EBR 1190SX gave our 2014 MOTY, KTM’s Super Duke R, a run for its money (Brutish V-Twin Streetfighter Comparo), and now the MSRP of the SX has been reduced $4k ($12,995). Sounds like a bargain, or does it?

  • Starmag

    Given Erik’s “race first, worry about where the money comes from later” outlook and financial and marketing track record, future parts availability seems like a roll of the dice.

    • Farmer Channing Kraemer

      Erik isn’t in charge of finances now. People forget that Hero shorted Ebr the first time of money owed.

      • Starmag

        True enough, but just this last time. After Harley, He named his company Erik Buell RACING. Not Erik Buell MOTORCYCLES. It makes it seem like his priorities are in the wrong area to be long term successful. As a fellow cheesehead I’d like nothing more than for Erik to succeed, I’m just getting sick of repeating that. I think there’s more to the Hero story, but all of this is just an opinion which can be taken or left.

        • Keenan Hahn

          Currently, the company is owned by Liquid Asset Partners’ Bill Melvin, who has a business plan to get Erik back on track. I currently own a ’14 RX, so I really don’t need another one until they release a sport touring model. My $0.02.

          • Starmag

            Right you are, the checkbook has been taken away, so I actually have higher hopes this time. I really admire Erik for making some very gutsy engineering moves.

          • Keenan Hahn

            Hero allegedly attempted to own EBR by refusing to pay them for engineering work that made their bikes better. So when their debts became too much to withstand, EBR elected for the best option to continue without the interference from HMC, which unfortunately was the Wisconsin receivership program. I am hopeful for the future, and will definitely buy another, whether they continue or not. The amount of passion involved in this company, the following of owners it has, and the smiles it puts on my face are without a doubt, second to none.
            When in doubt, just buy the bike.

        • Rusty Shackleford

          Exactly. It reminds me of a losing NFL coach who gets chance after chance, only to eff it up again, despite having all the knowledge and the skill. There must be some fire behind that smoke cloud.

  • Gabriel Owens

    Yes. Yes I’d buy one.

  • TheMarvelous1310

    Who wouldn’t buy one of these if they had 12 grand? Seriously!

  • Facebook User

    I bought an XBR1200X new, but after Buell went under, I sold it. I’d never buy anything that Erik Buell touched again.

  • wolzybk

    I’ve always looked at Erik’s products, and liked them, but haven’t had one yet. I looked at Buells in the early ’90’s, but they weren’t there yet; I ending up buying a Ducati Monster. I kept an eye on the Buells as time went on, and took a good look again when the 1125 models came out. The 1125CR made it onto my shortlist of what to buy when it’s time to replace my Monster, but then got axed by Harley. The 1190 models of EBR have my interest, and I intend to test them when I get the chance.

  • spiff

    I would want a late 90s S1 lightning. I thought that a as a fun ride.

  • Auphliam

    I have given strong consideration to buying one. In the end, the lack of an area dealer is what’s keeping one out of my garage. I just can’t make myself do it knowing the closest option for service is over 200 miles away.

    • Farmer Channing Kraemer

      Maintenance is easy on them.

  • Goose

    Sorry, I’m more of a Ulysses guy.

    • David Philpott

      If they still made that, I’d still be interested.

  • DickRuble

    According to the survey there are so far 69 buyers at the current MSRP. This should be sufficient to deplete the market of all unsold 1190SX’s. There are some new units being sold for $9,999. and a few demos available below $9000. The buying frenzy should begin, according to this poll. Unfortunately, elections have taught us how accurate polls are.

  • Check out eBay. A friend got a EBR 1190SX from a dealer in Dallas for $10K. New, fresh service.
    I also heard that the Honda dealer in Baton Rouge has a dozen for sale cheap.
    There are parts available too

  • AM

    Rode one just before they went belly up and I can assure you his “innovations” do not work quite well. You shake less holding a jack hammer. It needs a lot of refinement on everything to be worthed what they are selling for. The front brake set up alone is a turn off. Fit and finish a lot to be desired. Terrible dealer network that is worse than MV Agusta with poor reliability. I do not see it surviving if they do not improve a lot in all areas.

    • Farmer Channing Kraemer

      What do you expect from a v-twin that is mounted solid and is a stress point item. You’re going to feel some vibrations. And that brake works extremely well.

  • Ryan

    I own a buell xb12r and an ebr1190rx. The buells been great. I have two or three issues with the ebr but nothing that couldnt be fixed with a warrenty and a dealership nearby. The plastics are thin and a little on the brittle side. The dash has been giving me issues and there are no know solutions for it yet. My brand new 2014 has no warrenty. As soon as i got it a rivet came loose on the exhaust. The nearest dealer is 400 miles away. Never the less i really enjoy it. Its fast and it looks great in red.

  • Jordan Ray

    Bought one, 2016 sidewinder silver, worth every penny and then some. MO, I’ll bring it by if you want to take a look!

  • I bought a left over ’15 sx and have been grinning ear to ear ever since.

  • Stuntman Mike

    ’08 Buell 1125R owner chiming in: None of the voting options really fit my predicament, but went with “Knock off another few thousand” just because I fear I’d have to have money to buy a few parts bikes. Post sale support is my biggest concern for the EBR product.

  • John Dickinson

    I’m riding the hell outta mine. Love it!

  • Peter Woodfield

    I would have to test one out before giving my answer and as there are none in New Zealand I guess I never will 🙁