Within the past week, Ducati has published two videos on its YouTube page teasing two new Scrambler variants: the Cafe Racer and Desert Sled. The first video, published on October 11, teases the Cafe Racer model. The 14-second long video doesn’t reveal too much, obviously, other than a man in a dimly-lit garage standing next to the Cafe Racer, about to install its nicely-styled leather-wrapped seat onto the bike. Seeing as there’s hardly any light in the garage, it’s difficult to make out any features of the new Scrambler. However, the California Air Resources Board has already certified both the Cafe Racer and Desert Sled models, so we know both bikes are based on the standard 803cc Scrambler and not the smaller Sixty2. Given the Cafe Racer name, it’s reasonable to expect lower bars, possibly a solo seat with a cowl over the tail, and street-biased tires on 17-inch wheels instead of the knobs and 18-inch front wheel on the standard Scrambler.

As for the Desert Sled, it’s video was posted on October 17, is also 14 seconds long, and also similarly vague. Set in the middle of what appears to be a desert motel, the video is mostly good looking 20- and 30-somethings hanging out around the motel, in rooms and around the pool, with brief shots of the bike shot from a distance or from a camera angle showing the rider and the handlebar. With a name like Desert Sled, however, this Scrambler variant will surely be focused more on riding in the dirt rather than staying on the roads. Expect it to retain the knobby tires, and probably feature off-road-style pegs and suitable crash protection.

Of course this is all speculation at this point. Both bikes are set to be revealed at Monday, November 7 at EICMA 2016. Ducati will be livestreaming the unveiling of its 2017 lineup so all the world can see the new bikes as they’re introduced, and we’ll be featuring the livestream right here on Motorcycle.com.

In the meantime, here are the Cafe Racer and Desert Sled teaser videos to hold you over.

Cafe Racer:

Desert Sled:

  • Jeff Keene

    I love Ducati Scrambler Commercials. These literally communicate nothing about the motorcycle. I like to wonder what Ducati’s advertising executives think motorcyclists are like.

    “Hey Alfonso. What did that focus groups say millennials like?”

    “Snakes, big sunglasses, and guys in Gorilla suites.”

    “Brilliant. Just make sure the lighting is bad.”

    • Born to Ride

      The Ducati Scrambler marketing campaign has done nothing but annoy people that actually buy the bike. My local dealer says practically none of his scramblers sell to young, impressionable, scraggly bearded man-boys. He sells them to women who like the low seat height and ease of operation, normal guys in their 30s who want a second bike to compliment their repli-racer, or his regular customers. He also points out that the scrambler branded flannels that he is forced to put on his showroom floor don’t sell at all. Not a damn one.

      • Jeff Keene

        I agree entirely that they are terrible motorcycle commercials but I do assert that they are entertaining. They are entertaining because they are a fiasco of content that demonstrates no understanding of reality. Sort of like watching the Cleveland Browns or the Green Party.

  • schizuki

    Well, which is it, young feller? Is it a scrambler, or is it a cafe racer? Mean to say, if’n it’s a cafe racer, it can’t rightly scramble. And if’n it’s a scrambler it ain’t a-gonna be in motion from a cafe…

  • Starmag

    I refuse to watch all teasers. More clicks just encourage more of this nonsense. Give up on the Edward Bernays already. Does this technique actually work on some? This doesn’t raise my anticipation at all, it’s just annoying.

  • Gabriel Owens

    Ain’t been teased that hard since 8th grade.