CSC is quickly expanding its model range. In late 2014 we tested the 250cc adventure-touring RX3 Cyclone, and gave it a favorable review. A year later CSC announced the dual-sport TT250. We’re still waiting to see the TT250 in the flesh, but have been told it shouldn’t be much longer. Today, CSC announced a third 250cc motorcycle, the very sporty looking RC3.

The RC3 appears to have some nice features for a $3495 motorcycle including an adjustable fork and shock, digital instrumentation, and accessory power outlet. Comparatively, Honda’s CBR300R retails for $4399, while Yamaha’s YZF-R3 is $4990. Like the TT, the RC3 is currently filed under the “coming soon” moniker.

From CSC:
CSC Motorcycles announced today that it is importing the RC3 250cc sportbike, and it is offering the motorcycle for a very limited time at the special introductory price of $2895.

CSC Motorcycles is the exclusive North American importer of Zongshen motorcycles, including the successful RX3 adventure touring motorcycle and the TT250 dual sport motorcycle. CSC typically introduces new motorcycles under its “Don’t Miss The Boat” program, with pricing designed to attract new customers and large scale market attention.

“We’re extremely excited about the new RC3 motorcycle,” said Steve Seidner, CSC Motorcycles President, and Chief Executive Officer.   “This is a very capable sportbike, with the proven RX3 liquid-cooled fuel injected engine and ABS braking.   The fit and finish on these bikes is world class.   Everyone who has seen our preproduction sample has commented on how good the bike looks.    Our test riders report the top end on this thing is nothing short of amazing for a 250.  The RC3 is going to upend the 250cc-class sportbike market.  It’s that good.”

The CSC RC3 features a full fairing, rearset pegs, inverted forks, and 17-inch cast wheels and radial tires front and rear.   The motorcycle has a 4-valve 250cc engine producing 24.8 horsepower, a six-speed transmission, liquid cooling, and fuel injection.   It is fully compliant with all Environmental Protection Agency and California Air Resources Board requirements.   The suspension is adjustable front and rear.  Digital instrumentation includes a tachometer, speedometer, odometer, trip meter, clock, fuel level, gear indicator, and temperature gauge, along with a feature that allows the rider to select either a blue or red background digital readout background.

CSC Motorcycles’ unique path to market includes extreme (and often international) adventure rides to demonstrate reliability, fully-illustrated online maintenance tutorials, a free Service Manual with every motorcycle, a comprehensive accessories line, always keeping all parts in stock, and unparalleled customer support.   “We’ve built the business on treating our customers like family,” Seidner said.  “Our objective has always been to provide superior value and the best customer support in the business.   We’ve always put our riders’ satisfaction ahead of all else.   Our customers tell us the CSC motorcycle ownership experience is stellar, and they regularly post positive comments about us on the Internet forums and on Facebook.   It’s one of the things I enjoy most about CSC.  We’re very proud of our relationship with our customers.”

The CSC RC3 motorcycle is available in red, blue, orange, and white.  The motorcycle has a 2-year, unlimited mileage warranty.  CSC Motorcycles is located in Azusa California.  For more information visit


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  • DickRuble

    Honda’s CBR250R is $4,199. Why bring up the CBR300R, when the 250 is available and a direct comparable? Let’s test it against this CSC (decent looking, btw).

    • Old MOron

      Yes, bring on the comparos! Thank you.

      • bigus brainus

        I agree.

        • Old MOron

          Hey Bigus, your name reminds me of one of my favorite cartoons. “Are you in, Genius? Are in in-capable?…”

          Nothing against you. Just fun memories.

      • Kenneth

        Past comparo results have always placed the Chinese or South Korean bike or scooter in last place, while being lauded as “a great value.” At some point, I’d expect one of these will sneak to a higher level and surprise us.

    • The 2012 CBR250R is just that, a four-year-old motorcycle. Yes, it’s on Honda’s website as available, but availability in dealerships is questionable. Regardless, Honda is not going to give us a four-year-old, discontinued model to compare to a new 2016 model. So, CBR300R it is.

      • DickRuble

        Sorta convenient too .. If CSC looses the comparison there’s an excuse ready made

  • JWaller

    Nice looking. It’s a Chinese bike that looks like a Japanese bike; that’s a good thing. USD forks make it look all the more trick. It looks like a Yamaha, like it has Yamaha DNA or the makers used Yamaha bikes as their inspiration. Will this be a mail order thing like their ADV bike? If so, that could be the only thing keeping these things from selling like crazy. I think the Chinese are really coming along now with their designs; at least with what they’re marketing here.

    • bigus brainus

      Yes, CSC is selling the RC3 in the same manner as the RX3 and TT250. The RC3 has the same motor as the RX3. I’m not sure if it shares the same state of tune as the RX3 or not though.

      • John Ferguson

        I suspect it does, if for no other reason than that would make importing it (EPA, CARB) easier.

  • D. Paul League

    What? The world is pushing toward 400cc and they give the world a 250cc?? Oh well, in China this is a super sport.

  • The fairing looks like it’s trying to peek over the front wheel.

  • Ted

    Really? 24 (probably crankshaft) HP is going to astound the 250 class bikes. With what, JATO?