Actually I think the one I want is the XB9SX City, which had the translucent bodywork, hand guards and 1000-rpm higher rev ceiling, but this southern California-raised 2008 XB12 Lightning S is so swell and well-preserved, with just 5100 miles on the clock, that it could definitely do. Unfortunately for me, it may be a little too perfect. As Greg McQuide used to say of bikes so clean and well-cared-for, “you know what’s coming…”

I did get a big tax refund this year, but the kid has another semester of college, but what I really need is some kind of dual sport, but this thing is collectible I tell you, an investment, but… I actually posted it because I know Gabe Ets-Hokin needs an XB. You’re welcome, Gabe.

More info and pics here.