Actually I think the one I want is the XB9SX City, which had the translucent bodywork, hand guards and 1000-rpm higher rev ceiling, but this southern California-raised 2008 XB12 Lightning S is so swell and well-preserved, with just 5100 miles on the clock, that it could definitely do. Unfortunately for me, it may be a little too perfect. As Greg McQuide used to say of bikes so clean and well-cared-for, “you know what’s coming…”

I did get a big tax refund this year, but the kid has another semester of college, but what I really need is some kind of dual sport, but this thing is collectible I tell you, an investment, but… I actually posted it because I know Gabe Ets-Hokin needs an XB. You’re welcome, Gabe.

More info and pics here.



  • 12er

    Had a cherry pre china Dakar BMW 650 calling my name the other day on CL, but the wallet has Moths…

    • beemerbum

      hmmm, i hear ya 12..that bike is a bulldog fer sure..

  • DickRuble
    • john burns

      there once was a Buell from Nantucket
      which is too far away to have trucked it
      Since it’s missing its rear tea steeper
      It’s not really a keeper
      But if you buy it Dick you’ll have lucked it.

      • DickRuble

        From your penchant for things translucent I should’ve known you’re a poet.

        • john burns

          anything with the word Nantucket in it is gonna set something like that off, sorry.

      • Gabriel Owens

        I love you man

      • Greybeard1

        Took some coglioni to hit “enter” on that one! ;0)

        Giddy up!

      • spiff

        I see you in a seedy bar, in front of a brick wall, with a beret, and a cig… Rubble snaps fingers.

      • schizuki

        {golf clap}

  • Buzz

    I like it JB. I always enjoyed riding the Buells. I wouldn’t worry about the too perfect condition. I’m pretty particular about my rides as well and when I sell one, the buyer is always getting something that was well-cared for.

  • spiff

    I like the blue and white tubed X-1 lightnings. They are going for $3-3.5. If I had space I’d have one.

  • Crockette

    I think the XB9s are the better bikes. I had an XB12 and it ran hot and pinged quite a bit on premium. I remember MO mentioning that too back in the day. Were these bikes such slow sellers that H-D had to dump them? Good thing they acquired MV Agusta – oh wait….

    • pcontiman

      why was the XB9 better ? Cooler engine running ? That’s a 900 right ?

      • Crockette

        My experience was that the 900 just ran a bit cooler I think. Those 2 big 601cc pistons and one spark plug in a relatively high compression (for a Sportster!) air cooled motor just detonated on me too much. And I always used tier 1 fuel (Shell, Mobile etc). Having said that, I wished I kept the bike. JB is right, it could be a future classic.

        • pcontiman

          thanks for the info. Always loved the Buells, been riding an 05 Roadster since 05 but wouldn’t mind the extra juice of the Buell. See you down the road.

  • pcontiman

    Why did I just buy that FXDLX?!? There is always another bike out there to covet, dang. For me, chasing riches was not part of the picture but when it comes to bike ownership and a big garage……that would would not have been a bad side effect. I guess like Jackson Brown sang, it’ll just have” to be somebody’s baby”, somebody else that is.

  • TroySiahaan

    Bwahaha! I went to the launch for this bike, the Buell Lightning XB12 STT, held on *beautiful* Ortega highway…

    • john burns

      How far did you get before stopping to muse adjectivally that it’s no SV650?

      • TroySiahaan

        I think it was the end of the hotel parking lot.