San Francisco Bay Area:

Another one of my garage queens needs to go. I am the original owner of this bike. Yep, drove it right of the showroom floor when Pittsburg had a Suzuki dealership. It is 99% stock. I replaced the rear shocks and took the chain guard off, but I still have those parts, so you can have them with the bike. It needs a little TLC – as it has been sitting for a while. A good amount of cleaning and polishing will have it looking darn near brand new. I had the heads off and reconditioned about 2 years ago, and then never rode it again. The engine turns over, but won’t fire up. I’m guessing the carb needs a good cleaning and some fresh gas. More than I want to do. As you can see from the mileage (16,607), I never rode it much and it shares the garage with 2 other bikes that my wife and I enjoy riding more. So my loss is your gain. I am open to reasonable offers but I think my price is realistic for the mileage, condition and rarity of this bike. Thanks for looking. Oh, and you can have the cool plate too!!

  • Shlomi

    My brother dream bike. Back in the 80s we had no money for this. Since then I moved to the US and had many of my dream bikes come true. I will ask him if he want to buy this. I wouldn’t mind freeing the space in my garage so he will have his dream come true next time when he come to visit me….

    • spiff

      Buy it for him. 🙂

  • Warren W. Weiss

    Man. Sure takes you back.

  • Vrooom

    I love that the speedo only goes to 85 though the bike is probably capable of 40 more. Those were the days.

    • Kenneth

      I’d forgotten about those days. Government regulators believed limiting the readout to 85 would remove some of the reckless thrill of “pegging the needle” (speedos were typically numbered up to 120 mph, before then).

      • Buzz

        The glory of the Carter years. 85MPH speedos. 55 MPH speed limit and even and odd gasoline days.

    • Allison Sullivan

      My ex had one of these, and his had no problems pulling 140mph. Had his had that speedo, it would have spent most of its life off the end.

      Certainly looks clean enough, there’s not many nice examples of these left.

  • Buzz

    Classic delusional ad.

    A lot of words to say “it doesn’t run.”

    My loss is your gain!

    If a carb cleaning and fresh gas is all it needs then why wouldn’t he do that so he could sell it running?

    Where is Klazy Ken when we need him?

    • HeDidn’tWeDid

      Just saw your post. I posted something similar. I’ve bought and sold a lot of motorcycles and really scrutinize these ebay ads.

  • Douglas

    IIRC, the speedo on my ’78 CB750K went to 140….but on the ’81 GS850G, it was 85. Both would do an honest 120-125, but the bureaucrats believed it would keep all us miscreants slowed down. Hrmph!

  • HeDidn’tWeDid

    “It’s been sitting a while”….”heads off and reconditioned 2 years ago”…”won’t turn over”….”more than I want to do”…My biggest question is why does he state it “needs a little TLC” and then post pics of a bike that appears to be very clean with new tires?

  • Greybeard1

    Nick had one of those.
    Tee him up for a trip back in time!