From the Pandora’s Box of bad ideas comes a video of a Fort Worth police officer pepper spraying motorcyclists. In what alternate universe is it a good idea to blind a person operating a motorcycle? What could possibly be his reason for stepping out of his cruiser and spraying a toxic substance into the path of what appears to be a group of law-abiding bikers? Hopefully, East Texas Heat Productions has submitted this video as evidence for getting this A-hole police officer stripped of his badge, gun and authority. On the bright side, at least no one got shot.

  • selarsson

    Nice. If they came to their senses and put a regular tank on it, redirected the upper canister to the other side and included a fairing, in other words make it practical, they would have a market.

  • mbrashier


  • selarsson

    100k euros/bike !!!! ($135,000) And they want UK government support and want to become the #2? ROFLMAO They’re going to be a #2 alright.

  • Jed Wheeler

    Cool design, now if only they can ramp up production about a thousand percent and drop the price by 99% they’ll have a bike that actually matters instead of just an over-priced toy for the super rich.

  • Simon Nuske

    Price aside it looks like a shed built special come to think of it I have seen better looking one offs it doesnt gel for me looks like a conglomeration of bits

  • allworld

    A Trump supporter no doubt.

    • schizuki

      If he was throwing urine or feces he’d be a Bernie Bro.

      • Buzz

        Occupy Wall Street Texas branch!

      • allworld

        Maybe, but he wasn’t was he?

        • schizuki

          Nor is he pictured at a Trump rally.

    • Beedogz

      Probably a Hilla The Hun lover.

  • Mahatma

    They would have been shot wholesale if they were coloured;) American cops!I swear to god,one of the criteria to getting accepted on the force is being retarded to a degree.

    • Beedogz

      Don’t be so hysterical and ridiculous.

      • Mahatma

        Aww.Did I offend your delicate nature?

        • Beedogz

          I’m adding the words ridiculous hypocrite to my description of you buttercup. LOL!! Pants up don’t loot.

          • Mahatma

            You like attention,don’t you

  • DickRuble

    Mace? No, he was spraying them with cologne; Kim Kardashian Pure Honey.

    • I guess unless we’re cops, we’re all suspect and guilty of something. How nice for you. It would be nice if the police were judged by the same standards everyone else is. Lowering the standards just encourages the retarded acts/

      • DickRuble

        Right now, the cop is judged in the court of public opinion. Pretty darn hard to get a fair shake there. He should’ve radioed a few patrol cars to close the road ahead, arrest a few of the riders, and impound their bikes for perturbing traffic, disturbing the peace. If on an interstate, interfering with interstate commerce. I am sure they would have found a few good additional reasons to spice up the charges.

        • Buzz

          Dick has zero sympathy for rider packs because he doesn’t have any friends.

          Right Dick?

          • mugwump

            May god bless and keep riders packs far away from all of us.

    • Douglas

      Exactly. The cops are villified for “interfering with my fun”, but a litttle respect for the laws (rules, if you will) of the community you happen to be riding in goes a long ways in generating a more positive attitude towards mc riders by the public, which never hurts, does it? After all, the rights of the individual don’t override the rights of the public to be knucklehead drivers/riders, nor the ghetto-blasting subwoofer boneheads who are bound & determined to let everyone know that “I’m here!!”

      IMHO, these individuals who want to use public roadways as their playground with front wheels 3-4ft off the ground (at which point they have zero control of that scoot) should have their mc endorsement lifted from their license for a time, in addition to the fine in the community they’re showing off in.

      Now, as regards that s-f-b officer, writing parking tickets from a Cushman 3wheeler should be his new vocation, if he isn’t charged & dismissed.

      Respectfully submitted this 16th day of March, Douglas C Niedermeyer, Sergeant at Arms.

  • Brian Clasby

    He should be arrested.

    • Born to Ride

      In that situation, he is guilty of assault with a deadly weapon. He could have easily killed someone.

      • ColoradoS14

        It certainly could have resulted in an accident but you would be hard pressed to convince a jury that mace, itself, is a deadly weapon.

  • Born to Ride

    This is why even most average law abiding citizens in the states have a healthy aversion for law enforcement. Gross abuse of power with impunity is rampant.

    • DickRuble

      Agreed. Also let’s mention the reason most average citizens hate motorcycles: loud motorcycles, reckless riding, obnoxious packs of riders interfering with traffic.

      • Born to Ride

        Ha, I wouldn’t argue there, but attempted murder isn’t an approved response to people you find irritating. This is no different than the people that pour oil on the pavement of popular sport riding spots.

        • DickRuble

          Attempted murder is a bit of a stretch. Recklessly endangering safety is more like it.

          • Born to Ride

            Forgive my hyperbole, but someone could have lost control, crashed and died. If that had happened, it would be manslaughter at the least. I know if I pushed someone off a bridge to cause them bodily harm, and by chance they landed on their head and died, that is murder.

          • DickRuble

            Next time you make a U-turn across continuous lines we’ll charge you with attempted murder. I don’t disagree with the idea; it’s just that current judicial thinking doesn’t favor it.

          • Douglas

            Depends on the DA where you live, methinks…..

          • Tinwoods

            Yes, but this is the internet where everyone responds like a hysterical little girl.

      • Tinwoods

        I’m a daily motorcyclist and I hate those things, too, because these riders make us all look bad. And these packs of riders, even the so-called ones riding for some charity which is BS. There are so many more constructive things you can do for charity rather than loudly riding around in giant packs and obstructing traffic and polluting the air. You really give a shit about the charity? Cut it a check.

        • SRMark

          I’ve ridden in many charity rides, mostly for children’s causes like Make a Wish. Most were rides that were escorted through town by local police. Good people behaving well for a good cause. I do prefer to ride alone. But for those causes I make an exception. Many good cops out there, many good riders, many good causes. Let’s not throw the baby out with the bathwater.

  • He’s not macing them–he’s making them spicy!

  • Old MOron

    Hey John B and JMDonald, I think you are our openly Texan MOrons.
    Do you have any details to fill in?

    • John B.

      The local news report below states the Ft. Worth police department has placed the officer on administrative leave while they investigate the incident. Apparently, there had been complaints about motorcyclists performing stunts and other reckless acts on a highway, none of which justifies the officer’s conduct. Otherwise, there are no additional details; certainly none that exonerate the officer.

      As for criminal offenses under Texas Law, assault and aggravated assault seem plausible. Of course, the officer may claim he felt threatened in some way, which complicates things a bit. Nevertheless, spraying riders with mace would be poor judgment under any circumstances. It’s difficult to imagine what extenuating circumstances would justify the officer’s conduct, but I guess we’ll find out once he hires a lawyer.

      Always remember, however, a law case is a battle among conflicting versions of the truth, which shouldn’t be confused with the actual truth. That’s the best we can do.

    • JMDonald

      OM it is a police state here. I thought it was bad in Orange County but it is really bad here. There are speed traps all over the place designed to create revenue not to safe guard the public. Roads that can easily support 40mph are posted at 30. The better to issue a citation. JB has covered the administrative leave nonsense. The cop should be fired for his stupidity. Government is not a solution it is a problem. Remember Waco?

  • Craig Hoffman

    Nice thought officer, but that seems retardedly ineffectual. Perhaps the wind from the passing bikes blew it back into his face.

    This video is all over the Internet – that cop is toast. The public has cell phones, dash cams, helmet cams that all shoot in HD and in an instant can be seen world wide on YouTube. For better and for worse, it is a watching world…

    • Born to Ride

      I’ll sleep better when his career is over. Good riddance.

  • SteveSweetz

    So apparently the group of riders that got sprayed is the group in the attached video.

    I am in no way implying that this justifies the cop’s actions. Obviously he still should have had vastly better judgement, but what he did is at least now understandable as a “emotions overriding reason” reaction. Without this context it looked like he just went nuts on a group of sedate riders for no reason. Again, not that it should ever be excusable for a police officer’s emotions to override judgement, but at least on the level of being a flawed human, I can now understand why he did something so dumb. You get a bunch of jerks flaunting their complete disregard for law; knowing that you can’t really do anything about it as a person who is supposed to enforce the laws has got to be damn frustrating.

    You can see the truck that was pulled over is the same truck with camera guys standing in the bed in the stunt video.

    • Vrooom

      First thing I noticed was they’re wearing t-shirts. Crazy.

    • DickRuble

      Yeah.. innocent bikers..

    • Born to Ride

      Cant do anything? Why not get every squad car you have and pull the whole lot of them over, and write them all big fat reckless driving tickets for being douche bags. You know, what their job calls for.

  • Starmag
  • Bob Dragich

    Fort Worth PD confirms they have begun an investigation into the cop macing motorcyclists:

  • JMDonald

    The police state is alive and well in Comancheria. The police work for the state not the people. The are there to serve and protect the state. Know it live it love it.

  • Gruf Rude

    Hey, Harley Lives Matter!

  • Randy Pancetalk

    Shoei RF1300: now featuring built-in chemical warfare filtration.

  • fzrider

    If the police really want to be effective against these packs of “outlaw” riders they could attack them easily. Simply form a squad of stunt riding police, equip them with a bike which blends in, attach a high resolution camera and have him/her ride along photographing the bad guys. Send them tickets for each infraction.

  • bigjames

    Man, so much stupidity on both sides of this one. Stupid actions but sport bike guys and insane response by cop. Uh, you have a camera on the car right, it has the license plates, come on this is not hard, no need for mace unless one just enjoys that short of thing. I can personally do without any of this bullshit.