Watch as a pleasant afternoon ride goes horribly wrong for a poor motorcyclist who was blindsided by bad timing. An errant wheel from the white four-door (far left of screen) rolls down the road into oncoming traffic. The grey car attempts avoidance, but it’s all happening way too fast. The wheel bounces off the grey car and strikes the rider, sending him face-first into the pavement. Ouch! Thank the moto-gods he was wearing a full-face helmet and protective gear. Without the proper kit, the end result would have been an ambulance ride to the hospital. This unlucky/lucky motorcyclist got up and walked away.

  • Vrooom

    Good gear save the day. Had a deer jump a fence and hit me in mid-flight once while I was going 60. Got up, taped my luggage back on, and rode home, thanks to good gear.

  • Douglas

    This took place in Russia, where this kind of thing is fairly common. Even big trucks, and sometimes tractors, loose wheels, and it’s caught on dashcam (everyone there has a dashcam……check any of the “Driving in Russia” vids on Utube (there are hundreds) and you’ll be amazed….and thankful you don’t ride over there.

    • Elektromargu

      So true, tho’ “hundreds” is a vast understatement.. =D
      And not only do they lose wheels, but also brakes, trailers, heads and so on.. a very fun nation they are… =)

  • 12er

    Ah flashbacks to our ’68 ford breaking an axle on a scout trip. Wheel popped off, tagged the scoutmasters truck behind and that launched it about 40 ft in the air bouncing across incoming traffic into a populated parking lot. Tboned a new mustang right in the passenger side door that was parked. Luckily nobody hurt but that mustang was totalled.

  • halfnelson_73

    Anyone else having problems viewing that vid?

  • Sentinel

    10 bonus points to the car driver for a perfect redound shot to the rider.

  • Alexander Pityuk

    I guess there is no better occasion for an overused phrase “Shit happens”…

  • clumseyfingers

    Not surprising it was a Lada that lost it’s wheel.

  • seen shit like this many times on the road. sometimes it doesnt end well

  • scott

    these are euro cars….plus this furthers my argument that ALL front wheel drive cars suck for this very reason too-lack of maintenance causes CV axles to break ALL the time-i WILL not own a front wheel drive shitbox-they all suck-the automotive industry has everyone fooled into thinking this is a good idea-euro riders are required to wear all the gear all the time too-ATGATT