If you’re finding that as you get older your body is less inclined to ride long distances, maybe a little motorcycle yoga is just what the doctor ordered. Chances are most of us won’t look quite this good while doing it hey,ย it’s something to shoot for.

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  • Jon Jones


    I’ve got an erection…

    • toomanycrayons

      No Anthony Weiners, please…

  • Old MOron

    See? While JB rides the big Beemer back from NC, you MOrons could posting this stuff every day.

  • elgar

    wow…juxtaposing pseudo spiritual, sugar coated flakes of corn, narcissistic mystic warrior, yoga babes with our beloved 2 wheeled motorcycles is making me ambivalent.
    (that’s my experience speaking…smh)

  • Craig Hoffman

    This is not dirt bikes and bikini babes, but it is a start. I am a man of low tastes and easy to please you know…

    • Sayyed Bashir

      Where is the kickstand? On the other side?

      • Kickstand is up because she’s riding her bike!

        • Sayyed Bashir

          I thought she was doing yoga.

  • blansky

    Motorgymnastics….new Olympic sport?

  • Xenu Teegeeack

    This article exactly proves Trump’s point about Fake News. Good thing for the author of this article I’m not his editor or he would be instantly unemployed. This might be loosely motorcycle related to someone raised on internet porn and fake news, but it’s not, actually. On second thought, the editor-in-chief needs to review the credentials of the editor who passed and ran this.

    New headline: “M/C P0rn” – and as such, not very good for pictures of bikes or women so double fail.

    • Sayyed Bashir

      What does Trump have to do with anything and what is fake about this article? These are various women who are doing yoga on motorcycles and posting their pictures on Instagram. That is motorcycle related. Every article doesn’t have to be a motorcycle review.

      • Xenu Teegeeack

        Exactly. Trump has nothing to do with motorcycles, scantily clad young women, or yoga on motorcycles.
        See, Trump is Republican President of US. Nearly all of US press corp are Democrats and hate him personally so anything they report about him is 100% negative and mostly fictional, hence the term ‘Fake News’ much like this article. Another term for this is ‘click bait,’ which is considered a bad thing for the internet as the push for more clicks (revenue) outstrips the actual available information.
        The motorcycles could be substituted for machine guns and then the article would then be click bait for an automatic weapons magazine and still be Fake News, a term coined by Trump to explain pointless or misleading distraction stories by the press.
        As humans we tend to place new information into classifications. Nothing new here about motorcycles, young women, or yoga, but the combination… different, but still not news, hence Fake News or click bait.
        Setting fire to several different motorcycles and having scantily clad women roasting marshmallows over the flames is different, but still not news about motorcycles, young women, or even outdoor cooking.

        • Sayyed Bashir

          This is a motorcycle magazine, not a political or religious publication. If you are offended by this article you are welcome to read articles on some other website.

          • Xenu Teegeeack

            Yes, so we are totally and exactly in agreement! Thanks for completely understanding my point. This is not a porn, yoga, political, or Eastern religious publication. No offense to any readers interested in those topics but you are correct that they should be directed else where for those subjects. I think all of us want this to stay a motorcycle magazine.

        • therr850

          Actually, the donald and his staff started the fake news. Ms Kelly got called out about it on NBC weekly news magazine. She said, “We ignore the facts and use our own.” The correspondents response was, “Then you are using fake facts.” The donalds response the following week was, “The media is using fake news to discredit my campaign.”

  • these are photos of normal yoga whilst perched on a motorcycle

    sit on a sportbike/race replica in full tuck, then put your hands behind your back and hold that position = motorcycle yoga

  • Sayyed Bashir

    Seth, congratulations! MCN has picked up on this article with even more pictures: