You may notice that Tom Roderick is sitting down for this wrap-up video from the 2016 AIMExpo. There’s a good reason for that, too. Just look closely at his shoe in the bottom left corner of the frame at the beginning of the video. We’re pretty sure we can see smoke coming off of it. After all, he’s been racing around the arena floor for two days bringing the inside story from the expo. So, watch his summary of what happened this year and prepare yourself for a new location for next year.

Oh, and give Tom a little love in the comments. Hopefully, his shoes stopped smoking before he boarded his transcontinental flight home.

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  • Old MOron

    Haven’t watched the video yet because I’m still at work.
    Just the same, I know exactly where T-rod is right now. Cheers, T-rod!

  • Alan G

    dang, tom been workin out.

    • Auphliam

      a gun show at the bike show LOL

  • Old MOron

    Now that I’ve seen the vid, I want to lodge a complaint.
    You show us one little moto girl at the end? WTF
    You MOrons had better remedy this at EICMA.

    • Yeah! Especially since the whole video was all Tom Beefcake. Dija see those gunz?

  • Buzz

    Dang, I’m not making fun of Tom anymore when he says Moto Goozi.

  • AZgman

    You didn’t say Tom was at the gun show…

  • DickRuble

    2015 saw a better crop of introductions. The bikes were more exciting.

  • Randy Darino

    $15 parking and $15 admission and it was not worth it.kawi was not there at all.No Ducati, court was a bad joke.glad its moving to Ohio next part was seeing the updated FZ-09.really nice bike updated with better lights and traction control.Better looking too.

  • Old MOron

    Camera man: Okay T-rod, we’re ready to shoot your closing segment.

    T-rod: Hang on a sec. I want to do some quick push-ups. (a few minutes later:) Okay, ready.

    Camera man: Damnit T-rod, now I have to get the wide-angle lens.

    T-rod: (doing more push-ups) Okay, let me know when you’re ready.

  • Ha! You guys are cracking me up. Next go ’round, less of me, more pretty show talent.

    • DickRuble

      Yes, please, less of you, more of the Suzuki girls.