You probably know Ryan Reynolds from his many acting gigs, including his most recent gig as the star of the action/anti-superhero flick, “Deadpool.” But did you know he also rides motorcycles? A rider since the age of 15, when he bought a Honda CB750 – a “pile of crap,” as he calls it – from a friend of his. The machine itself may have been in tattered condition, but the experience changed his life as he has loved riding ever since.

And now that he’s got a few bucks to his name he’s able to afford some nicer motorcycles, including this Triumph Thruxton he commissioned Kott Motorcycles to build for him. Noting that there are many custom motorcycle builders out there, Reynolds says he naturally gravitated towards Kott’s style for the minimalist cafe racer style.

Kott’s custom Thruxton for Reynolds may look nothing like a wild build, but closer inspection will reveal that a lot of work goes in to making a motorcycle appear as minimal as possible. Many of the visible differences center around the rear of the motorcycle, as the factory subframe was removed and a custom one installed in its place. From there a custom tail and seat were fitted and extraneous parts were removed, including both fenders, emissions equipment, and a portion of the front sprocket cover. Engine-wise, it appears a less restrictive exhaust was fitted to let the parallel-Twin breathe a little easier, and the throttle bodies that look like carburettors have done away with the stock airbox in favor of individual runners. All this is capped with custom paintwork.

What do you think of the Reynolds’ Triumph Thruxton done by Kott Motorcycles? See the video below to learn more about Reynolds’ history with two wheels and leave a comment below.

  • DickRuble

    That’s all you could come up with? Some BS story plucked from the internet about some unknown second rate actor?

    • Daniel Benjamin

      The internet is rife with commercials featuring this guy in a new superhero flick.

    • Tinwoods

      In today’s age of the internet, you didn’t know who Reynolds was? Is it the cool thing now to profess ignorance of pop culture when you’re on the internet doing so? Riiiight.

      • DickRuble

        I didn’t know and, after finding out, I figured out why I didn’t know and that I hadn’t missed anything not knowing.

        • cg

          You are right! Tinwoods sold him a bike back when and he even name dropped this guys girl friend as if our world should stop and bow down. We are the ignorant unwashed masses if we don’t follow celebrity! I put my money and interest in other more worthwhile endeavors than celebrity worship which is a total waste of time. I’d rather know the person not the PR.

    • schizuki

      He’s the actor in “Blade: Trinity” who uttered the immortal words, “You c*ck-juggling thunderc*nt!”

  • Mahatma

    Why does it have to have such an uncomfortable seat?Damn hipsters.They oil their beards to make it more comfortable,but dissregards it where it counts.

  • Tinwoods

    I believe this is the same Thruxton that we sold to him at LA Cycle Sports about ten years ago. He came in with his then-girlfriend, Alanis Morissette, and she bought a T100. A week or so later rolled up on his Confederate Hellcat. I only wonder how many bikes he has in his stable now.

  • Dootin

    It’s a motorcycle thing. An actor that is way above most in so many ways, rides. That’s cool, he spent $20K on a bike that he only rides 30 hours a year, but he chooses that time to ride.

  • schizuki

    He’s no Katee Sackoff, but still… cool.

  • SRMark

    I like the tank. Reminds me of a ’78 Yamaha xs750. Don’t know of the owner. Good on him.

  • zrx

    If he is a real motorcyclist, he will put a front fender and air filters on that bike

  • krishan adhikari

    Don’t have any money to customize my bike so I really ride it stock. I guess the bike did look nice, but no way can it be the only bike if you have only one bike. Each to their own.