The holidays are perhaps the craziest part of the year. With all the last-minute shopping, running around, bills, stress and travel, the holiday season can often bring out the best… and worst in people.

In this video from French biker / YouTubeur, Chris RS, we see him dressed like Santa, riding around the streets of Paris spreading holiday cheer to onlookers and passersby, until a driver of a black Renault Clio hits a pedestrian in a crosswalk and attempts to flee the scene.

Old Saint Nick, being the Good Samaritan he is, springs into action by following the hit-and-run driver on his two-wheeled sleigh. After a couple minutes of hot pursuit through the busy cobblestone streets of Paris and several failed attempts to stop the driver, Chris RS is able to flag down a pair of French motorcycle cops. Quickly explaining the situation to one of the policemen and pointing out the offender, France’s Finest amazingly take the word of the Santa-biker and take over the chase as Chris RS brings us along.

Before long, the policemen corner and detain the hit-and-run evader and slap him with the justice he deserves. I think it’s safe to say that this driver is getting coal in his stocking for Christmas – or worse yet – a visit from Krampus.

For the record, the woman who was hit didn’t suffer injuries worse than a couple bruises according to Chris’ Facebook page. It’s nice to see people standing up for others when they are unable to stand up for themselves – it gives us hope, puts a smile on our faces and goes to show that not all those who ride motorcycles are outlaw vigilantes.

We at MO encourage you to enjoy the holidays, be safe, keep the greasy side down and for God’s sake, be kind to each other!

  • Rocky Stonepebble


    We’re still waiting for that fat, drunken foreign prick to answer charges in our town.

  • Old MOron

    That was awesome! I was in Paris last winter. They’re serious about pedestrians. A pedestrian in a crosswalk has absolute right of way. Seems it’s the same throughout the EU.

  • mike

    In the UK, nobody would have reacted.

  • Ron Hayes

    That was amazing!! He did not give up and wanted that person held accountable. Great Job !!

  • Vrooom

    Wow, that guy took some risks to see justice done. Well done Santa biker.

  • Starmag

    I’m thinking that somebody is going on the “naughty” list.

    • Sentinel



    actually the Good Samaritan WAS kind of being an”outlaw vigilante” good for him!

  • JG

    Santa is a bad ass!

  • c w

    will this be updated with a translation of a French news story about the H-A-R driver chased down by The Big Red Elf?