CSC Motorcycles U.S.A. will be bringing in the RX-3 Cyclone Adventure-Touring bike into the United States by early next year, all for the remarkable introductory price of just $2895. The bike will be powered by a 250cc, fuel-injected, liquid-cooled, Single with four valves, overhead camshaft, disc brakes, adjustable suspension, six-speed transmission, luggage rack, and even a one-year warranty. Basically everything you’d expect from a proper motorcycle.

Never heard of CSC or the RX-3 Cyclone? Here’s a little background: The RX-3, which draws certain similarities to the BMW F800GS and Honda NC700X, is a bike developed by Zhongshen in China and is already available in several world markets. CSC will just rebadge them. CSC is part of Pro One, a company that also makes accessories for Volkswagens and V-Twins. It also used to make boutique choppers during the years before the Great Recession. Their relationship with Zhongshen began by buying 250cc motors for its Mustang, an oddball cruiser/scooter that is a recreation of something from the 1950s. 

When CSC reps saw the RX-3 during a visit to Zhongshen’s factory, they were impressed with the bike’s contemporary appearance and level of equipment, so they decided to import the RX-3 for American riders who are looking for an entry-level Adventure-Touring motorcycle at a price that just can’t be beat.

“Our first shipment of RX-3 Cyclones will sell for $2,895, and we’re taking names for the first increment at this price now,” said Steve Seidner, President and Chief Executive Officer of CSC Motorcycles.  “After the first shipment leaves the port, our retail price will be $3,495, which is still an exceptional deal for this motorcycle.” Seidner explained that the company is making a splash with the $2,895 introductory price to highlight the new motorcycle.


“We think a 250cc motorcycle is the perfect size for real world adventure touring,” Seidner said.  “The bike has a sensible saddle height (31.3 in.), it can cruise at highway speeds all day long, it has comfortable ergonomics, and it has the right ground clearance and tires for off-road explorations. We didn’t want to offer another “me, too” 700-lb adventure bike that requires a 38-inch inseam and costs as much as a new car. Our niche is high-quality small motorcycles. It’s where the market is going. We think this bike makes a lot of sense, and we know Zongshen’s quality is top notch. Zongshen is one of the largest motorcycle manufacturers in the world, and the engines we buy from them for our CSC line of Mustang replicas have performed flawlessly.”

CSC claims its 250cc Thumper puts out 24.8 horsepower, which is respectable for the class. Other notable features include a 3D antifog fisheye headlamp, LED lights, a travel suitcase, and a multifunctional USB interface.

The RX-3 Cyclone has yet to go thru DOT, EPA and CARB testing, but CSC rep, Joe Berk, says the process shouldn’t take longer than 90 days for full 50-state certification, so U.S. deliveries are expected early in the New Year. CSC will maintain a full complement of parts and accessories for the RX-3 Cyclone motorcycle at its Azusa, California facility.

For the introductory $2895 offer, riders should call CSC’s toll-free number (800-884-4173) to be included on the list of first-shipment buyers. When the bike completes the US certification process, those wishing to purchase one of the new CSC Cyclone motorcycles (and who have reserved a spot on the list) will need to provide a $500 deposit. Interested parties should contact CSC Motorcycles at the number above, or visit their website for more information.

The RX-3 will be available in orange, blue, white or red.


  • Kosta Chachanidze

    that´s really cheap… but let´s wait for test results, not that it falls apart after a few hours of ride

  • MichaelEhrgott

    Weight to power ratio? How much does this thing weigh?

    • Luke

      looks like 175kg/385lbs according to their website. And by the look of it, you can probably drop 10lbs of nonsense off of it easy (what exactly ARE those things on the front fork supposed to do?). And also according to the website the handlebars feature “necking technology” – so there’s that…

      Honestly, if I thought it would stay together, I’d be super excited about this bike. If it can cruise at 70mph and it’s under 400lbs. that’s a winner to me. But I fear the whole thing will go down and there won’t be spare parts around.

  • Kenneth

    ‘Looks like a “quick way to make a buck” scheme by the “President and Chief Executive Officer of CSC Motorcycles.” I’d have more faith in a… take your pick.

  • Stuki

    This thing is so cheap that if it turns out it actually works well and lasts, it may be a watershed.

  • Auphliam

    It is obviously a quite formidable AdvTouring rig…just take a look at the beak on that thing.

  • rudedog4

    I wouldn’t mind having one. I’m glad to see the small motorcycle market take off, because not everyone wants/needs/can afford a $15,000+/5,6,7 hundred pound/ 100 + hp monstrosity. If it gets more people on two wheels, I’m all for it.

  • Yuri Calmon

    Brazil is one of the largest motorcycle markets in the world! perhaps the CSC solve explore this market also !!!

  • sgray44444

    Will they sell them at Wallyworld? I can’t help but think that we are selling out our country (those in the US) every time we buy Chinese. They aren’t exactly our allies. Other than that, it’s an interesting bike, and I would like to see a Japanese equivalent.

  • SRMark

    Might be worth the risk

  • Piglet2010

    Adventure touring bike + no significant dealer support = early trip home in a U-Haul truck.

  • jerryhammons

    do a little research. they are better than they might seem. they have been proven in many non u.s. markets. I am considering one as a replacement for my nearly worn out yamaha 225.

    if the japanese made this bike, you could expect it to cost over $10,000. chinese quality is improving, and the japanese are pricing themselves out of the market

  • Gary Graham

    I just rode one at CSC. Ryan and crew are great people. I want to put one under my wife. She, like many women, is a bit inseam challenged at 5’6″ and the 31.5″ seat height and 385# CW was eye catching. I’m always for keeping her off the back of my “not so much 2 up” KLR. and this may be just the ticket.
    Ryan took me up San Gabriel canyon past Morris Dam for a demo. Not alot of power but enough if you remember a smaller, not so strong person will be riding it. I was quite suprised at the little bikes handling through the modest twisties to the dam. It didn’t wallow through the corners and up hill acceration was acceptable, remember it’s a 249cc and with now a 2″ bigger rear wheel (17″) upgrade from CSC.
    The modest included luggage package will fit her fine. A place to lock hair brush, purse, collapsable fishing pole, sandwhich and bottle of water is perfect.
    At just under $4k OTD, a 2 year warranty, and not another dime to be spent before you go for the weekend, I’m betting they will sell many and probably one of them to me in the very near future.
    Last thought.. If you’ve never twisted a wrench on anything, get a friend who has and buy it anyway!