Reader Rides

If you like vintage motorcycles, wild customs or anything else out of the ordinary, this is the place for you. We’ve toured Jay Leno’s awe-inspiring garage, talked to Bob Gill about his insane Jet Bike project and visited with some of the most innovative custom bike builders anywhere. The two-wheeled world is a crazy place ā€“ this is just a small corner of it.

Scotland on a Triumph Sprint ST

Edinburgh's Royal Mile was a non-stop barrage of stimulation as I sat drinking a cappuccino with my nephew Robin last summer.

Water and Wildlife in the Sunshine State

Florida conjures up images of Disney World, oranges, retirees, and the 2000 election debacle, but I will not dwell on these. The one constant in southern Florida is water.

One Thousand Miles of Solitude

Given a long enough timeline, all equipment fails. For my new waterproof touring boots that timeline lasted approximately ten minutes after the sleet and freezing rain began to fall.

Iron Heart 1000

The Iron Butt Association is famous for its semiannual endurance ride, pitting dozens of motorcycle riders against each other and the clock.

Into the Cherokee Nation

The roads that wind around the mountains of northwest Georgia are not as traveled as the more famous roads in the northeast, the ones that give access to the Great Smokies.

Longride's Southwest Romp

Going on a road trip is like going to a restaurant in many ways. Looking at the menu, and scanning a map both make you decide what to order, and how much.

Central Cali Touring

California's Pacific Coast is renowned for its rewarding scenery, varied riding conditions and of course the twists and turns.

Milan to Barcelona to Milan

"Ride to work." Yes, I'm all for it. After all, we do have to show the world that we aren't just a bunch of weekend only hedonists, don't we? And what about that 150-hp baby sitting in the garage, it can surely do the daily commute, can't it?

Cafe Racers in Chile

It's 7:00 AM and the sun is beginning to fill Chile's Colchagua Valley with a soft, golden light.

A year with the Triumph Speed 4

I've spent a good deal of my time over the last four years selling motorcycles to people, so I can spend a few minutes talking to a person and guess with a fair amount of accuracy what kind of motorcycle they want.

2005 Washington DC Tour

If you're like me, the only thing that a near-perfect vacation lacks is a motorcycle.

2005 Oatman Arizona Tour

The Oatman Hotel brags it is "the oldest two-story adobe building in Mohave County," having been built in 1902.

2005 Dolomite Ride

My Amsterdam based friend Ram sounded rather depressed over the line: "I am really pissed! Now that I've got my new Hornet (that's a Honda 599 in the US), I am starting to realize that there's not much anywhere to ride to in these flatlands".

Blue Ridge Parkway

Ok, Picture this. You're on a bike, leaning into curve after curve, mile after mile.