2010 LA Calendar Motorcycle Show Report

The good, the bad, but definitely not the ugly

Organizers for the 19th annual LA Calendar Show put on a commendable demonstration of high-speed performance in all sorts of packages – from custom sportbikes to drag bikes to choppers – and from blondes to brunettes to redheads.

The July 17-18 show – which we are unable at press time to verify was endorsed by the National Organization of Women – was otherwise a purely egalitarian affair where all forms of beauty were accepted, and nearly everything was on display.

The motorcycles were pretty cool, too.

Featured were a number of moto-creations from talented pro and amateur motorcycle builders, which gleamed in the sunlight astride the now permanently docked Queen Mary luxury liner at the Long Beach harbor.

A Ducati dealer had some of its best models on display.
Bored with your 2007 Ducati 999, and bolt-on accessories just aren’t enough? Call Shinya Kimura of Chabott Engineering in Azusa, Calif. As his customer Brad Pitt has already, you may appreciate his handiwork as demonstrated by this estimated $60-70,000 machine.

Vendors of every stripe were also represented, hawking T-shirts, gear, services for hire, and other accessories for every genre of rider – from sport riders to cruiser fans, to flat-trackers, stunters, dirt riders, and more.

An ode to the Sopranos, complete with simulated bullet holes – that are really holes and took more effort than applying a few stickers.
On display was something for everybody.

Unfortunately, the anticipated highlight of the day, the Calendar Girl Model Suit Swimsuit Pageant was cancelled because only a couple participants signed up. Nor did we get to see the FastDates.com Calendar Kittens on stage, as promised.

Local artists kept the show going despite the bikini contest being cancelled due to lack of interest – from the participants, not the assembling crowd.

Not to be dissuaded, the music went on as local acts strutted their stuff. Likewise, a variety of lovelies at display booths, and others milling about the crowd, comprised their own movable feast for the eyes with all their talents showing.

Not much left to the imagination, is there?

Nor would this carefully orchestrated cultural exhibit have been complete without security. On hand were several privately-hired members of Long Beach’s finest, who’d been contracted to keep the peace in case anyone might show up from one of L.A.’s illustrious and enterprising gangs.

Bad-ass starter kits were available to imbue an instant self-image upgrade. Emblazoned with the logo of your choice were these top grade cowhide wallets. Inside, you can stash you identification, while outside another identity is proudly displayed.

Although his black police-issue shirt said “Gang Enforcement,” one friendly officer showed he too was hip. For example, he said he believed the hit TV series featuring a fictional motorcycle gang, “The Sons of Anarchy” is a great show, although it’s not fully realistic in his estimation.

Police were hired to look out for trouble but seem unconcerned as riders learn new tricks.

Fortunately at the present show, all was quiet, the officer said, as he stood around watching wannabe stunters practice on a wheelie machine, who his brothers might one day have to chase on the street.

Showing a form-follows-function demonstration of high-performance equipment, a willing volunteer poses by Jon Seaman’s tuned GSX-R1000.

In all seriousness, there were a bunch of great people there, and all seemed to be having a good time.

This lil ‘ol farmer’s daughter, er, manning a vendor’s booth was very helpful. She had so much talent, she got our motor running without saying a word. There’s three more shots of her in the gallery that ought to get your tach hitting redline too.

We were hard pressed to see any uninspiring bikes, and while the event may have been over-hyped, many decent people were working hard to sell their wares, share the love, and giving their best to keep the world of motorcycles rolling along.

If you want to see more from the LA Calendar Motorcycle Show, be sure to check out our comprehensive photo gallery.

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