1999 Laguna Seca SBK Babes Pictorial: Part 2

MO Saves the World

We try to keep our promises, and in our last Superbabes pictorial we promised we'd post better pictures. We wrote this believing that Brian J's bud Victor would send us better babe pix any day. Well, ole Vic did materialize a few weeks ago and he promised to overnight his slides, but, alas, unless FedEx has a new, 21-day delivery deal, Victor has decided he just can't bare to part with his collection.

On a personal, selfish level we sympathize, but we also possess a deep, abiding conviction that babes belong to the world and their images must be shared, particularly over the Internet, or else we run the risk that fewer cyber babes will translate into slower Internet use, thus fewer Internet-related IPOs that result in lower stock market values, creating fewer paper millionaires with less money to invest into the Blue-Chip companies of the Dow Jones Index, resulting in even lower stock prices that in turn make fund managers nervous, who then begin selling off stocks causing CEOs to pore over the bottom line and begin laying off workers, who then are jobless and begin cutting back on purchase decisions which lead to smaller profits for the aforementioned companies that then layoff even more workers, resulting in even more people who not only have less income for governments to legally confiscate in the form of tax revenues, but who also require more financial assistance from the public fisc, which then becomes stretched to the breaking point because not only has demand increased but available funds have diminished as the unemployment rate rises, which then leads to fewer and fewer people receiving assistance and more and more people turning to more desperate ways to subsist, leading to higher and higher crime rates and an angrier and angrier populace who, desperate for any semblance of order listen to the siren song of malcontents and sociopaths who lead mankind into an attack upon the very foundations of humanity, resulting in a death spiral of anarchy, chaos, darkness and, finally, Armageddon.

What is that on her T-shirt, an ad, or just a statement of fact?In short, more hot chicks on the Internet equals peace, love and harmony throughout the world. Less hot chicks results in the end of civilization as we know it.

And you thought we were only out to satisfy our puerile desires.

Luckily, reader Art Barnes understands modern global macro-economics as well, and out of a strong sense of duty he mailed his personal babe collection to MO for all to behold. Also, the check we sent him didn't hurt matters either.

For our more '90's-type sensitive readers, we have re-installed the MO panic button. If you object to our sexist, gratuitous and prurient objectification of the weaker sex, click here N.O.W.

For the rest of you primates still on this page, enjoy.


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