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Valley Motorsports Reviews Write A Review

Ron Pidgeon (I am a Customer)
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Jul. 26, 2015
I brought my bike to Valley Motorsports to find out why code 37 came up. I was told they think it's the linear control valve, but there is no way to test it to see for sure. They said they could block off the valve and I would have to stay on the throttle until it warms up. I stated directly and clearly NO, I want it fixed right so they put the new valve in. When I picked up the bike right at closing, I paid and went out and started it. The whole bike shook and would barely idle until it warmed up so I thought the ECU had to reset itself. When I got up the next morning I tried to start the bike and it took five tries to get it to run so I pulled the tank and took the filter off the control valve to find they plugged it anyways, after I told them NO! Then I find out on the forums that yes you can check them and was given links to the service manual on how to do it. Matt in service said they couldn't get the idle to come down and that's why they plugged it. Any reasonable mechanic would say there must be something else wrong, not plugged a brand new linear control valve completely defeating the purpose of the valve! I then notice the spark plug wire and control valve hose were just laying on the cylinder head and not in the bracket so while rerouting the spark plug wire I notice a screw that holds the linear control valve plate inside the neck of the frame was half out, and the other three were not even put in! The clamps that hold the hoses, one was barley on, and the other was off completely. 360.00 wasted as my bike runs worse then when I brought it in. It kills me how people can rob others so blatantly with a smile on there face. I will NEVER, EVER bring my bike back to valley motorsports, and it will sicken me to even drive by the place!!
Ken Scully (I visited this Dealer)
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Jul. 02, 2014
I really should thank the owner of VM for discouraging me from buying anything from him, because if it were not for his attitude I would be riding one of his Hondas (for which I had the cash in my pocket) instead of my new Harley Davidson Road King. Thanks, hope you continue to win people over with your magnetic personality.
Jason (I am a Customer)
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Sep. 16, 2013
STAY AWAY FROM RONNIE'S! They are horrible to deal with. Had bought a new bike there and had issues with it. Blow me off multiple times and I still have warranty. Finally did look at it. Said nothing's wrong. So I PAID another shop and they found more than one issue. Very bad to deal with unless they are trying to sell you something. Will NEVER buy from them again.
Mike (I am a Customer)
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Jul. 13, 2012
I would encourage all riders to avoid this place! They don't deserve the business!

I was riding through the area the other day and got a flat tire -picked up a 3" nail in the rear tire. I called someone to get me the name of any nearby motorcycle shops.
They found Vally Motorsports of Northampton MA; it was only 2 miles away! ...great! -I thought.
I called up the service department; told them I had a flat and I was only a few miles away. I asked if they had a pickup service and to get the flat repaired. Immediately, the attitude started. They don't have a pickup service; I'd have to "check the yellow pages" for a towing service. Yellow pages; seriously? -I knew I forgot to pack something. Told the guy, politely, I didn't have a phone book; so he ratted off a couple of names of towing companies -then told me he didn't have the phone numbers; I should call "411" and find them myself -what an *ss. After this, he then tells me, when I get the bike there, I'll have to leave it for maybe a few days. Even after I explained to him that I was 75+miles from home, his response was, "I guess you should find a ride home. We're too busy; I've got people that have been waiting weeks for service". What an *ss. I can fully appreciate people "in line ahead of me" for service, but seriously, you can't help out a guy stuck on the side of the road with a flat?
What a crappy attitude! I encourage all bikers to avoid this place!! They clearly don't respect riders in need!