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MIDWEST MOTOPLEX Reviews Write A Review

Tyler (I am a Customer)
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Aug. 23, 2014
Got a great deal on a 2015 RZR 1000. Blew up the clutch the first weekend I had. Polaris wasn't going to cover it but Midwest service guys went to bat for me and got Polaris to approve the warranty claim! Saved me a ton of money!
mp (I am a Customer)
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Jul. 22, 2014
I wrecked my bike the day before leaving for a race in Georgia. Needed a bunch of parts to fix the bike. they had all my parts and sent a guy to get what they didn't have. service guys stayed until about 2AM and put my bike back together
Midwest motoplex sucks (I am a Customer)
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Jan. 28, 2014
Went in today optimistic on my visit telling my self on the way in that maybe they have changed and I would give them one last chance hahaha So I get there there are three other customers on the floor walking around I look over at the counter to see if anybody is even working here Cary is setting behind the computer I walk up there and sit down after I walked around in the place for 10 min keep in mind that I was only in there to get oil and filters for my rzr so I gave him the chance to help other costumers that might want to buy something like a new rzr or whatever but he never budged from his chair a older gentle men walks up and asked him a few questions about a new ranger he was totally rude with the guy and tells me he will be with me shortly so not in a big Herry I said not a problem an hour later at lest he finely asked me what I needed I said an oil change kit and a air filter for a 800s he fumbled around on the computer for several minutes went checked on the shelf came back with two quirts of oil and no air filter said he was out and been waiting on then for two weeks that's the same freakin answer I get every single time I've been in the place so to some it up will never ever step foot in the door there rude they never have anything that you need !!!!! If you sell the freakin things you think you would do everything in your power to keep PARTS STOCKED
Bill Praither (I am a Customer)
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Oct. 17, 2013
I just bought a ranger crew from Midwest. Felt I got a good deal and the people were very friendly. Would do business with them again.
Kathy Murphy (I am a Customer)
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Sep. 07, 2013
Great Place! As with any business, I know it is usually only the unsatisfied customers that post reviews...I know you cannot please everyone. I must tell you my husband & I have now bought two units from Midwest Motoplex, and we will always give them our business. They went out of their way to find the exact unit we were looking for, gave us a great deal, and were extremely good to us. We will be ready for a small quad for our son soon, & you can bet we will get it from Midwest Motoplex! Highly recommend them!
G. New (I visited this Dealer)
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Aug. 13, 2013
I read others opinions on this dealer, let me tell you mine, my RZR was wrecked and I had insurance so Progressive paid about $6500 to get it fixed needless to say months later they said they fixed it I picked it up, he was sending it home, it's fixed right, NO, got it home took it down the road couldn't do over 20 mph, something's wrong, looked the front lugs on the tires where falling off stripping the lugs, I go back try to tell the owner about it he throws his hands up in the air and laughs about it walks away pretty funny huh, then I chase all over finally finding the replacement lugs for it, get them on find out it's way out of alignment@#*, the carb the boot to the carb it's hanging there, do some more checking every screw in it they're loose or falling out, I no this guy wants no more to do with it, Progressive paid him his done, no more talking about it, I call and email Polaris, there people tell me all kinds of hard luck stories and end of story, what gets me I told him I wanted to get it fixed and trade it in for a Ranger side by side, doesn't make since does it, well so far I've cost him three RZR sales and I'm bad mouthing him and Polaris with my every breath, I make it a point to bring the subject up every chance I get where ever I go and I do a lot of traveling around this area, I no I'm costing him sales hopefully everyday, if you want someone Polaris or other go to Jackson and get it that's my opinion because this guy is a crook, and don't count on Polaris to back up there Polaris dealerships either
TuckerJr (I am a Customer)
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Jul. 27, 2013
Had a good friend refer me to Midwest Motoplex after my local dealer had my Ranger for over a month, charged me several hundred dollars and still couldn't get my Ranger to run. Called Midwest Motoplex and they had my Ranger in their shop the next week. 3 days later they called, told me my Ranger was running great and Warranty covered it ALL! When I drove up to pick my Ranger up, they took a lot of time reviewing what was wrong and what they fixed. They even washed it! Great experience and my Ranger drives good as new!
rjf (I am a Customer)
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Jun. 05, 2013
i called this morning for a price on a oil change for my motorcycle and was told total of 65 dollars.when i got there i found a new side by side that i was going to buy.when they finished the store owner carey ackley told me 109.00 i said i was told 65.00 and thats all i brought with me,and the lady at the desk told him that she told me 65.00 on the phone.this man was one of the rudest and cocky persons i have ever talked to.he just said well its 109.00 now!! i said i dont have that much i was told 65.00.he then told me he would call the cops if i dont come up with it!.I said this place is a rip off and he is a thief,and he laughed and said well you gotta do what you gotta do.so i had to have my wife drive 30 miles to me and bring my check book.i told him i will deter as many people as possible from them.so long story short carey ackley threw away a 15,000 dollar sell just to screw me on 44 bucks,lol thats a real smart business owner there.will see how long he will be in business.not like there is a big demand for 10,000 and over quads in chillicothe anyway.