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Hi-Tech Motorsports, Inc. Reviews Write A Review

Josh Morrill (I am a Customer)
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Sep. 16, 2013
My wife and I purchase a yamaha grizzly 450 at Hi-tech Motorsports, which turned out to be a big mistake. Fist off, after filling out all the paperwork and going home they realized that they gave me the title to the wrong four wheeler. Then we got the machine home and immediatly had problems. The machine would not stay running, it did not shift into park or low range without rocking the machine back and for or pushing the throttle down while shifting, oh yea and the lug nuts were falling off the wheels. We took the machine in to have it repaired and after waiting two weeks longer then we were told they informed us that they lost our key and needed us to bring in the spare to repair the four wheeler, so we did just that. We got the machine back and was told that the shifting problem is normal for Yamaha's and the they adjusted the idle to fix the running problem. oh yea, and they tried to make us pay for the replacement lug nuts that they did not torque down. After running the machine again we discovered that it still did not run properly and now the brakes make a horrible grinding noise. Come to find out the brakes were installed incorrectly which ruined the brake pads, rotors and calipers. This time around they drilled out the blind plug on the carburetor and adjusted they air intake. After receiving the four wheeler back again the machine still would not run properly and we were fed up. We spoke with the owner "Sue" and asked to have a different machine or they buy it back from us. Getting a new machine was not an option, and they offered to buy the machine back for $4500 when we paid $7500 just five months earlier. Hi tech motorsports and the staff are completely incompetent and can't even handle getting a replacement key for the one they lost. It took five months to get the replacement key and they ordered the wrong key 3 times. I would never spend another penny in this store and would advise everyone else to avoid this store like the plague.
Dakota Roberson (I am a Customer)
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Mar. 10, 2013
This place is utterly pathetic. Recently, we called around for prices on new MX bikes and trade in value on our current bikes, and were promised by a salesman at Hi-Tech that he would beat anyone's prices, take our trade-ins for maximum value, sounded genuinely appreciative of our business, etc. We live in Wyoming, and it was a 12 hour drive to this dealership round trip (which was an admittedly long drive to do in 24 hours). After having his 'mechanic' assess our trade-ins (one of which was in pristine condition), we were lowballed beyond belief. The dealer to which I was speaking turned out to be not even a dealer at all; he kept referring to 'his boss' and telling me he couldn't come up on his first offer at all. He then said something like 'go to lunch, come back, I'll crunch some numbers, and we'll get it done'. We did, came back, and the guy hadn't budged an inch. He said he couldn't come off of his original price, and that was that. I was then told by his 'mechanic' (who turns out to be the owner's son and the shop mechanic, salesman, head chef, janitor, pro MXer etc.) why my excellent condition bike was assessed at such low value. His explanation included things like 'a bent clutch lever' and 'idling funny'. To top it off, he told me that he was going to have to pull the carburetor out and clean it out...on a 2011 CRF250R with FUEL INJECTION!

Needless to say, this place is full of incompetent dealers, mechanics, and overall provides a poor place to do business. I would not suggest anyone go here to buy anything whatsoever, as 24hrs + of my time was wasted on a dealership who truly does not know what they're doing and lets their spoiled children run the show. Little did they know that we planned on buying 3 or 4 bikes and will be taking our business to another dealership.