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Durrant, Oklahoma
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Durant Cycle Reviews Write A Review

Kyle (I am a Customer)
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Apr. 03, 2014
Service department is nothing but a bunch of crooks. NO SUCH THING AS A WARRANTY at this place. Don't waste your time, don't waste your money, don't waste your energy. Sales guy Travis will jack up the price and lie to your face about the deal your getting. DO YOUR HOMEWORK on what these machines cost before seeing this place. See for yourself, highest markup in oklahoma. Service team will take 5 minutes looking at your vehicle, then charge you for the full hour!!!! Take the machine home, find a problem that wasnt there before, and you are screwed! They have a BS 30 day service warranty on the back of their statements. DONT WASTE YOUR TIME, it's just to look pretty. They WILL NOT HONOR IT. I've bought 3 machines from them because i'm a yamaha guy, but seriously, I've had more bad experiences here then I should have. How these monkeys stay in business is beyond me. AVOID AVOID AVOID!
jason yates (I am a Customer)
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Oct. 07, 2013
In reply to Ms Dinets review, If a tube were twisted, it would have popped when it was aired up. Consider a balloon, if it was twisted before being aired up, only a small section would air up, the rest would be flat. IF the tube was twisted and then aired up, IF the tire actually were able to bead up on the rim, there would still be a flat section on the tire, right? The tube would have popped before the tire beaded, even IF not, somebody would have noticed the thump thump thump of a flat tire going thruough the parking lot The fact is; it would have popped. The fact is that what Ms Dinet claims the other dealer said is actually impossible. The fact is: the bike was ridden over 2 days and 200 miles before a flat happened. It wasn't our fault she got a flat, but we offered to reimburse her anyway and she begins a web blast via every web site that offers a review. Want to see what the Better Business Bureau thought of her claim? Look us up on bbb and see if they allowed her complaint to effect us.
Caryn (I am a Customer)
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Sep. 23, 2013
We had a tire put on my harley and within a couple of days on the way back home, it went flat. The harley dealer showed us the twisted tube that they had put back in wrong and that it was torn to shreds. We are out hotel room (went flat late Sunday afternoon when nothing is open). We called the manager and the best they can offer to reimburse for their mistake is in store credit for what they charged us in their shop. I live in Austin and rarely get to Oklahoma, so what good is in store credit going to do me? I am out $91.51 that they charged me and $176.45 for hotel and new tube. There would have been towing charges had a very nice person not given us a free tow to the Harley dealership. Don't do business with them if you want them to stand beside their work. A bike shop that will leave a biker stranded....