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Affordable MotorSports Reviews Write A Review

John Robert (I am a Customer)
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Nov. 30, 2017
I'll give the service department 5 stars. Tire change, front and rear brake pads, and got me in and out in a very reasonable time. Dave and crew personable and very savvy when it comes to scoots. If I had to complain about anything it would be that half mile walk to Hardees for
rob mcdonell (I visited this Dealer)
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Feb. 02, 2017
Andrea , as a rider of bikes for 40 years , it is NOT a big deal to put one size wider tire on a bike or car for that matter, , you are trying to make yourself sound like the woman being victimized by a shop while your husband is gone, while I appreciate your husbands service to the country that has nothing to do with buying a tire, , tires are sold ,someone else probably sold the tire not knowing it was being held for you.Having owned my own shop I cant tell you how many times I have held something for someone and they never show up. so in essence you lose the sale all the way around , maybe they should have given you the tire , the labor and bought you dinner as well. after all you are a values long time customer that has spent thousands of dollars with them, ,, oh wait thats not you. I would imagine they were happy you were gone smaller shops cant afford to GIVE away parts and labor. especially to someone who has never crossed the door before
Brian Head (I am a Customer)
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Mar. 31, 2014
I have been a customer almost since they opened. Mike is a great guy and the mechanics are great and knowledgable. The work on my Harley, my four wheelers, my wife's bike and even get parts for my sister %$Y&%^& chineese scooter. Having said that, I have never had an issue and they have always delivered. I have sent several friends there and all have been pleased with the service. I empathise with Andrea and am sure she is under a lot of stress with her husband being deployed. I have never witnessed any kind of bad customer service.
SAL (I am a Customer)
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Aug. 02, 2013
I am a new customer to Affordable MotorSports and I think Andrea could not be more wrong. I originally went in to find a rim for a off brand Dirt bike but they did not have one in stock. After wondering around the store for about an hour asking Mike 100 questions about the four wheelers and Dirt bikes he had in stock my wife and I decided to purchase a used four wheeler for my son and a used dirt bike for myself. Mike worked with us on the price and stated he wanted to go through both of them before I took them. Long story short he spent a lot of extra time and money (at no extra charge to me) to make sure both the four wheeler and the dirt bike were in perfect running order. The tech who worked on the bike also was meticulous and professional. He did not want me to leave with the dirt bike until he knew it perfect running order as well. We will be going back to them to purchase a dirt bike for my grandson and a four wheeler for my daughter. I am very loyal when treated right so Affordable MotorSports now has a lifelong customer.
Jeff (I am a Customer)
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Apr. 05, 2013
I have been a customer of Affordable Motor Sports for several years and am writing this in their defense to the posting by Andrea about the rear tire on the sport bike. After finding this posting I called the owner and asked him what had happened because I was surprised to see what Andrea said. Affordable Motorsports is a great company with outstanding customer service and very fair prices. They have always done me right and the several friends that I have referred to them. I find it concerning that any one that has a bad day takes it out on a company that went out of their way to help her. What actually happened is that Andrea did not make an appointment and the tire that was available when she called was sold later that day. She was price shopping the tire and never called back to make an appointment. When she came in the next day they told her the tire was sold and that they were sorry but that they could put the next size up which lots of people do on motorcycles. She gave them the OK to put the 190 tire on and after they put it on her husband called her and said he didn’t want it. So they had to now take off the brand new 190 and call around to get the 180 to help her out. All the while not charging any extra to change the tire twice after she gave the OK to put the 190 on. So it is no wonder she did not get an additional discount they should have charged her more for having to change the tire twice. They also went out of their way and drove to another shop to pick up the tire for her. It upsets me to know that someone would spend the time writing a bad review about a great honest small company like Affordable Motor Sports that did nothing wrong. In fact they went way out of their way to help Andrea that most shops would not have done. I guess you just can’t please everyone even if you go out of your way to help them they still think they are owed something or you did something wrong.
Andrea (I am a Customer)
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Feb. 28, 2013
I am very disappointed with my service experience at Affordable Motorsports. My car broke down this past weekend on the Veteran's so my bike is the only mode of transportation I have at the moment. I am in the area by myself working while my husband is deployed to Kuwait for 8 months. I started the bike up Tuesday, flat rear tire. I called Affordable Motorsports on Wednesday and confirmed the exact tire I needed and the time I would come in the next day. I aired the tire and rode to the shop and was told that they sold the last one of the tires I needed sometime after they spoke with me the day before. He tried to sell me a 190 when I need a 180. After speaking with my husband (who was frustrated that they told me the tire would be there and it wasn't), I told them I didn't want to put the wrong size tire on my bike. When I told him that my husband wasn't happy about putting a 190 on the bike, he said "Why?"-astonished. I explained and he said something to the effect of "He needs to relax". He tried to sell me two other brands of tires that I didn't want. Only after telling him I would just patch the tire and leave, did he decide to call another shop to see if they had the tire I needed. They did, and I waited another hour for the tire to be delivered and put on. It's baffling to me that this option was available and not thought of right off the bat. It's also baffling that after explaining my situation with the bike being my only mode of transportation, me taking a huge risk in riding it over there, that it wasn't made absolutely sure that a tire would be put aside for me as promised. I did my job in calling the shop and making sure they had the tire I needed in stock-they didn't do theirs. Then I go to pay and he tells me $232 including tax. This was the same price that was quoted to me the day before, mind you ($155 for the tire + $55 for install). I said, "So there's no discount for what has happened today?" He said "No I already discounted the tire down from $200 something to $155. I'm only making $10." Then proceeded to hunt down the invoice for what he purchased the tire for and I told him not to worry about it. I cannot believe that after everything, he wasn't willing to knock off even $10 for the hassle he caused. I was so upset over everything that has happened with being here by myself with my husband deployed and my vehicles breaking down leaving me stranded and then all this mess with the tire not being the right tire for my bike, I was crying in the waiting area. I'm not asking for special treatment, but take pity on a stranded spouse of a military member, ESPECIALLY when I was inconvenienced because of their incompetence. UNACCEPTABLE. I will be posting this review on every available review website,, and all available social media websites. I'm appalled at this level of service.