Top 10 Vehicles At Bonneville Speed Week 2017

The salt flats are home to a wild bunch of gearhead characters

Ah, the Bonneville Salt Flats in Utah, an alien terrain on earth steeped in mystique, legend and awe. It’s a bizarrely barren and flat landscape seemingly designed for wheeled vehicles to push harder and faster in the pursuit of higher and higher speeds. The odd part of the design is that the surface is sodium chloride – salt – pretty much the same stuff that’s in your kitchen cupboard.

Set amidst this geologically remarkable panorama of salt every August are a nutty cast of characters brandishing a cornucopia of gearhead fantasies. Racing at Bonneville encourages creativity among participants, unlike many other forms of racing that have sharply defined specs, so innovation and imagination are integral elements of vehicle construction.

There were more cool vehicles on the playa than you could imagine, and this list could’ve been much longer, especially if we were including four-wheeled vehicles. But it’s a Top 10 list, so here we go!

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Indian Motorcycle Spirit Of Munro At Bonneville

Indian Scout chases 200 mph during Bonneville Speed Week 2017

When motorcyclists think of the legendary Bonneville Salt Flats, I’d bet most would envision either Rollie Free aboard a Vincent in his bathing suit or Burt Munro, whose historic land-speed record was immortalized in the Anthony Hopkins film, The World’s Fastest Indian.

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Selecting the superlative in motorcycles: MOBO Awards

With August just around the corner, we’re cutting to the apex as we prepare to launch our annual selections for what are the best in motorcycling. MO’s

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