Top 10 Motorcycle Chase Scenes In Movies

Or, Top 5 James Bond Motorcycle Chase Scenes

The original plan was Top 10 James Bond Motorcycle Chase Scenes. Sadly, it seems like there are only about five or six good ones, which surprises me since James has been fleeing bad guys or in hot pursuit of them ever since Dr. No in 1962, in everything from submarine Lotuses to jetpacks to forklifts. One of the best things about old Bond films now is checking out the period vehicles. Why not begin, then, with Thunderball, from 1965.

WARNING: The scene from The Great Escape where Steve McQueen’s character flees the Nazis isn’t in here. It was too obvious and I’ve already seen it a hundred times…

Pre-Release Honorable Mention: The latest Mission: Impossible film, Rogue Nation, will be released this summer. Like many Tom Cruise movies, it looks like it will have some crazy motorcycle chases in it. Shame nobody can ever find a helmet anymore…

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Cruiser Tire Buyer’s Guide

Are style, performance and orange smoke too much to ask for in a tire? Not at all.

Cruiser riders want what the rest of us want, don’t they? Round black pneumatic tires that hold air, provide good traction in the wet and dry while

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