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10 Steps to Removing Stuck Fasteners


Now you’re in a pickle! You thought that with just a little more effort the bolt would turn. It did – only the head twisted off in the process. Perhaps, instead, the corners of the bolt are rounded beyond recognition. Or maybe you just stripped the phillips out of the phillips head screw. Regardless, the fastener is damaged beyond repair. What do you do now?
How To Extract Stuck Screws.
Home mechanics have a long history with breaking bolts or stripping heads or having a fastener simply refuse to budge. Although the pros may mock the less experienced, amateur wrenches, here’s a little secret: They mangle fasteners, too. What sets them apart is that they know how to get themselves out of the hole they’re in (mostly) without digging it any deeper.

Gromigale R

Thai engineer/mad scientist, Mario Kleff has built a Panigale-powered Grom

2016 V-Twin Expo Report

The V-Twin motorcycle industry was laid out and displayed in the 200,000 square feet of floor space and several annexed conference rooms

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A Day in the Life: Team Suzuki ECSTAR Press Guy Federico Tondelli

A Day in the Life: Team Suzuki ECSTAR Press Guy Federico Tondelli
From the Team Suzuki Press Office – February 9. The MotoGP™ World Championship is a series that has huge relevance all around the world, being one of the most-followed and exciting sports. Every event, from the winter tests to each one of the 18 races, gathers the interest of millions of fans who follow their […] more

Dunlop Updates Racer Support Program

Dunlop Updates Racer Support Program
Since every member of the MO staff has club raced at some point, we understand the importance of any kind of racer support program – particularly when it comes to consumables, like tires. Read on to see if these changes will affect you. ——Begin Press Release—— For Immediate Release February 10, 2016 Dunlop Motorcycle Tires offers new […] more
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